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NKo vs SKo power!

I know that war is bad.  I know that it is bad to like wars.  But goddammit, the idea of North Korea starting something really has me excited.  Man, a real war!  Not like this terrorist hide-and-go-seek shit in Iraq and Afghanistan.  North Korea may be not be that big and they may be poor as skunks, but it seems they pump every cent they do have into their military, which is one of the world’s largest.  In other words, if there is a war, they’ll basically send a million foot soldiers, a couple jeeps and a plane at the South.  They’ll probably use a nuke which will likely accidentally hit their own troops.  But still, a war!

I don’t think it will be a 3 year affair like the last Korean War, mainly because I don’t see any reason why China would join the NKoreans this time around.  Still, it should be fun.  Maybe we’ll be drafted.  Let’s pray.

-Matthew Bert Goode

Predictions For the Next 10 Years

I watch and read a lot of news, thinking about issues and where the world is headed and what not.  A new decade is fast approaching.  Hard to believe, but the 2010’s are less then 9 months away.  Anyway these are my thoughts for the next 10 years.

Abortion: Now I’m not necessarily for abortion, but I can’t see abortion becoming illegal in the United States.  Their  may be tougher restrictions in the future, but overall abortion will still be an available choice.

China: China is fast becoming a world power and major player on the world stage.  It will surpass the United States as the economic power. And the United States will no longer be the sole superpower politically. Instead it will be a “multi-polar” world where the U.S. Europe, Russia, China and to a lesser extent, other parts of the world will have an equal footing and say on the world stage. For culture such as movies, TV, popular  culture, and music America will still be the dominating force though not as much and other countries being a greater force worldwide.

Health care: The United States will have some form of universal health care in place by 2019. I just think it’s inevitable with Obama in office and the Democrats in power.

Past Torture Issues: Irrespective of whether the Bush Administration really crossed the line or not in respect to the handling of suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay or those sent to “secret prisons”; Bush, Cheney and others  working for them will not be put on trial.  Obama has already said it will not happen.  Doing so will make Republicans even more against his policies and agenda in my opinion.

Gay Marriage: Gay marriage will become legal across the nation, probably on a deeply divided vote by the Supreme Court.

War on Terrorism: Surprisingly, I believe the war in Afghanistan will have not only ended by 2019, but in less then 5 years.  2  possible scenarios :The Taliban and the U.S. will come to some kind of truce or the Taliban will simply give up much like Al-Qaeda did in Iraq due to our drones bombing them and their leaders. Once the Taliban are gone Al-Qaeda will soon be destroyed – and Osama Bin Laden.

Just want to say that these are just my thoughts and even a few of my predictions I hope will not come true. Feel free to give your own opinions and thoughts.

2010movie_end Discokid

Texas Secession

Perhaps you’ve heard about comments from the Governor of Texas regarding secession?  If not, he just made some off-hand remarks about not liking the stimulus and that it’s a rip-off and then hinting that if Washington continues to ignore Texan interests, the state may secede at some point in the future.  He then immediately stated that we have a great Union and there’s no reason to leave now, blah blah.

Well, the response from Texas Democrats has been lame:

Meanwhile, Texas Democrats have sharply criticized Perry’s original comment, calling it an “attack on our country.”

“It is the ultimate anti-American statement,” State Rep. Jim Dunnam of Waco told reporters Thursday.

I hope these same Democrats weren’t among those that constantly (and rightfully) criticized the characterization of anti-War Americans as ‘un-American’ during the Bush era cuz using it in this context is just as fucking stupid.  Complain about his comments on legal grounds or whatever but there’s nothing more un-American than to call someone un-American for expressing their position.  It’s not like he danced on the graves of veterans, or launched an attack on Louisiana, or even ate babies.

Personally, his comments were music to my ears.  I think the whole country would be better off by breaking up into regions or individual states and then forming more of a confederacy to look over some aspects of the whole area.  That way residents of the Midwest, for example, wouldn’t have their ‘national’ laws tainted by draconian congressmen from the South.  The government of each area would actually take on the culture and qualities of its area, instead of the homogenized mess that we have now.  So New York could have drive through abortion clinics and the South could burn gays.

The End.


Why isn’t anyone in the news media comparing the whole Somalia pirate thing to US actions in Tripoli?  For those that don’t know, the 2nd military operation the US ever undertook, after the American Revolution, was an campaign against pirates based out of northern Afrika.  So come on, news, talk about it!

Also, why aren’t people more into the whole thing.  I mean . . . PIRATES.  And it’s the Year of Our Lord Twenty auht Nine.  Sure, these pirates ain’t romantic – I haven’t heard of them raping even a single lass.  They aren’t being semi-endorsed by the French, English and Dutch to raid the Spanish.  But goddammit, these are real life fucking pirates and they deserve our respect and our disain.


Apartheid Follies

I was reading about the infamous South African Apartheid era the other day.  As is often the case, there was a sports-related issue that reminded me to read about it but the most interesting thing about the whole policy and something I had never heard before was the effect it had on citizenship, which was actually a big part of the justification for the whole thing.

Home Nations

South Africa had been an officially racist nation for a long time even before it started tinkering around with citizenship.  It should be noted that for much of the Apartheid era, SA was not alone in their official racism.  Famously, the southern United States had very similar policies until the 1960s.  Arabs were and still are officially 2nd class citizens within Israel.  India had a sophisticated caste system that doomed or blessed an individual FOR LIFE based on the class they were born into.

South Africa divided the races into White, Coloured, Black, and Indian.  Then they divided the Black population into various nationalities/ethnicities, some of which made sense while others didn’t.  These ethnicities were then stripped of their SA citizenship and assigned citizenship based on their ethnic homelands throughout the country.  Naturally, many of the Blacks had never even stepped foot in these homeland areas and had always lived in major cities.  However, these populations could now be considered foreigners within SA and the poorer educations, healthcare, buslines, etc. could be justified.

Predictably, these independent homelands were a joke and SA didn’t allow them to have any dealings with outside nations or the United Nations.  The homelands were located on undesirable lands with poor farming prospects and few cities.  Perhaps SA had taken some inspiration from our 19th century treatment of Native Americans.  However, unlike the Native Americans, the SAfricans didn’t really want the Black populations to move to the homelands; they wanted them to stay in the cities and be laborers and servants.  The only real motivation to move to one of the homelands was to escape the oppressive whites or to establish a business, as the “foreign” Blacks could not do so outside of their specified homelands.

The treatment of Indians and Coloureds was a bit different (PS – In SA, ‘coloured’ meant mixed race, more or less).  These groups didn’t have the same rights as whites but they had many more options available to them than the Black population.  In case you’re wondering what Indians were doing in SA, many of them moved there to work as prospectors, much like Chinese did in the United States.

On the Chinese note, there was also a small Chinese population in SA that was typically given rights similar to the Indian population.  However, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese that happened to be in SA were regarded as ‘honorary whites’ based on their governments’ willingness to acknowledge SA when so many other governments would not.  I have no idea how a cop carrying out racist policies was supposed to determine on appearance alone whether he was dealing with an ‘honorary white’ Taiwanese or a 2nd class Chinese citizen.

The Sports Connection

Most of the world famously refused to participate in sports with South Africa starting in the late 1960s.  Even countries and sports that were willing to compete with SA had an issue on their hands as mixed-race sports were not permitted within the country.  The most famous example of this dilemma came in the form of the New Zealand All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team, which for many years has always been chock full of players of full or partial Maori islander origin.  The fact that rugby and cricket were willing to deal with SA while most sports were not was already deplorable but NZ even conceded and sent an all white team.  BOOO.  On later tours NZ refused to concede and Maoris were given ‘honorary white’ status within the nation.  LOL

The British & Irish Lions rugby team visited apartheid SA a few times.  The players justified their position by naively claiming that sport would supercede politics (although the issue is more moral than political).  Interestingly, the Lions visited SA with a genuine chip on their shoulder and with a strategy that has come to be known as the ’99’ call.  Basically, any time a SA player gave a Lion any shit, the 99 call was made, and each Lion attacked the nearest Springbok (the nickname of the SA rugby team).  The idea was that the ref couldn’t eject the whole team and would end up not ejecting anyone at all.  The call worked, the Lions won the series, and racist SA rugby players were physically punished.  The Lions also made a point of playing matches against clubs comprised of Black players and hosting them for dinners afterwards.  This should have been illegal and I’m not sure how they got away with it.

After Apartheid finally ended in 1991/1992, SA were awarded the rights to host the 1995 Rugby World Cup and the 1996 Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament.  In storybook fashion, SA won BOTH of these events.  Nelson Mandela donned a Springbok jersey and celebrated with the team, a powerful symbol considering 5 years earlier Blacks could not wear the jersey.  Although these particular events are not especially famous within the United States, they are very, very famous within Africa, the British Commonwealth, and the rugby world.  Unfortunately, these great victories underscored the ongoing ethnic separation in sport within SA, which continues to this day: rugby players are White, soccer players are Black.  Only the national cricket team seems to have integrated, with several Whites, Blacks and Indians on the team.  In recent years, SA hosted the 2003 Cricket World Cup (but did not win), the rugby team won the 2007 Rugby World Cup (hosted by France), and will be hosting the 2010 World Cup (of soccer, which they will not win).

The Springboks: Find the Blacks.

Bafana Bafana: Find the Whites.

The Proteas: Still mostly white . . . but the guy with the beard is a Muzlim!

Excessive North Korean Buildingz

There are many reasons why I would like to visit North Korea. I am not a communist or a commie sympathizer so don’t think I want to go so I can study what’s great about their system. No, on the contrary I’m attracted to North Korea because it’s so fucked up. The brainwashing, the censorship, the little baby boy that became a Dear Leader, it’s all so intriguing. You might be saying to yourself, “What about Zimbabwe, Cuba, Iran, etc.?” No, thank you. What makes North Korea so much more interesting than these backwards dictator havens is the way NK has shut itself off AND the great lengths to which it goes to convince its people and the world that it has some kind of might.

For all of the criticisms of Cuba, when it comes to displaying their might they’re content to do so on the baseball field. Ditto Zimbabwe and cricket. Iran is a big regional player, not shut off at all. They want people to think they’re tough but they don’t do it from behind closed doors like NK. Visiting NK would be like visiting another world or at least that’s how I imagine it.

Here are a couple of buildings that represent some of NK’s ridiculous excess and attempts to prove something, who knows what?, to someone.

Ryugyong Hotel

Construction on this gigantic hotel began in 1987 and then CEASED in 1992, leaving the behemoth unfinished!  And there it sat as unfinished as ever until last year when a foreign company was hired to put in windows and finish covering the upper, circular floors.  These changes were not made to complete construction but rather to make the thing appear finished and more attractive.  The hotel will not actually be opened any time soon or probably EVER due to shoddy construction.

May Day Stadium

At least this exercise in excess is actually in use.  Finished in 1999, it’s the largest non-car racing stadium in the world, with a capacity of 150,ooo!  And the thing has a partial dome!  It’s 50% larger than the biggest football stadia in the USA.  What’s strange about this is that sports aren’t exactly a huge deal in NKorea.  In fact the only possible tenant for the stadium is the national soccer team as there’s no big league of any sort in the country.  When Japan and South Korea co-hosted the World Cup in 2002 they actually offered to allow NK to host a few matches, presumably at the May Day stadium.  This seems like a no-brainer ‘yes’ (all that income and attention without the expense of any campaigning).  However, NK said, “No, thanx” and instead organized a huge series of performances at the stadium to distract NKoreans from the World Cup tournament being held south of the border.  This big show, the Arirang, has become an annual occasion.  It runs for several days and it’s basically like the Opening/Closing Ceremonies at Olympics – lots of silly costumes, streamers, dancers, etc.  The shows are so huge that the performers occasionally outnumber the spectators.


Iowa loves gays

sorry about this. hate to be one of those people who just posts a link to some other article, but… i wanted to share this and don’t have time to write a long opinion piece to go with it.

Iowa Court Says Gay Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional



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