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FILMS PT 2 09042010

today we are making pancakes OR getting mate lattes. iiiiit’s saturday! the day of indecision. also i’m trying to convince everyone to go get their haircut..together. la james, here we come!


a new film by darren aronofsky, about ballerinas! so cute.


casey affleck plays a cool guy; a murderer. directed by michael winterbottom, who did a mighty heart and 24 hour party people. is that a good enough description? probably not. the trailer is chilling, though, so give it a watch.


i think this film looks like garbage. BUT. i love street art, and i suppose if a street artist were to make a film, it would be banksy. check it out.

love and happy labor day! it’s a holiday


What kind of Demon was in Paranormal Activities


If you watch closely u will see there is acutely Two different things. My reasoning: At first the “thing” Could only get into the house. One from the stairs and the other from the roof;Then during the activity in the room one was trying to get the girl, and the other was trying to posses the girl; And then more proof was when they did the board thing, not only did it prove its a ghost but that it was strong enough to incarnate fire. If this was a “alien” or something it would not have done that. To be honest if this was real it would be more like this. Angels (roof dude) Vs demon (possessor and one coming from stairs) Fighting over her soul, or just trying to get her. Or Alien (the feet) vs Ghost (umm…ghost lol) Trying to get her. Here is my reasons for th AvD. We have no idea what angels look like, they could have weird feet like that lol, and then the demon because of the board thing and the possessing. AvG; The foot thing can prove it was an alien not a ghost, and the shadow thing, if u look into a camouflage that can give invisibility is by Bending light around the body. This will give the wearer invis, and no one can see them, BUT! just because the light is bent around them doesn’t mean it will not cast a shadow that is able to be picked up by the camera. Now for the ghost, the board thing kinda give it that, and the possessing thing and the fact it didn’t always cast a shadow. When she was possessed both times, no physical action was recorded, but when a shadow was casted there was. Showing there was not one but 2 or more beings after her. ..>< More to add to Demon/Ghost. The Photo, Demon’s are said to feed on fear and all that stuff, they would have planted that to strike fear into her and gain more power. >>>><<<<<<!!! To add to alien, he/she/it could have “tagged” her and just then found her, and the photo was a test to see if it was really her. On a side note, Alien’s Tech could cause this “Feeling” Psychics get from “Ghost/Demons” So it cant not be said that it was not a alien.

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Movie Party: The Rocky Series


WARNING-This Post has Spoilers to the Rocky Movies

So I had asked for and received the entire Rocky series for my birthday. This month I finally got around and watched the entire series. This may surprise people,(or make them angry) but I think Sylvester Stallone is really a genius when it comes to the writing of the series.  First off, tying in the first Rocky fight with America’s bicentennial and placing it in Philadelphia is a very smart move and definitely one of the reasons people get so involved with the series.  Of course the training scenes is another big part.  Ending the movie the way Stallone does is a smart move.  The fight becomes about him defying the odds and doing the unexpected.  He doesn’t win it, as is the cliche in so many movies (and would become the cliche for most of the series),but instead ties Apollo Creed. It allows him to win in a way, but not really because Creed keeps his title.  A tie also occurs in the last film of the series, Rocky Balboa. As mentioned before, him winning had become expected, and a tie serves the same function as in the first Rocky movie. 

Him coming back from such incredible hardships in the sequels is another genius move. Rocky three has him facing not only having been defeated but the death of Mickey.  Part 4 has the death of Apollo Creed, the pride of America, and having to train  in the Soviet Union. Part five involves him losing everything and going back to his roots.  These elements don’t necessarily make all the movies great but it does help to keep the series afloat. Probably the two cheesiest films of the series is part three and four.  Especially the training scenes in part three, when Apollo and Rocky race on the beach and hug. What also makes it cheesy is the flashiness of the 80’s. 

 Lastly what makes the writing so great, is not that the series is about boxing, but in my opinion that it really is about his love for Adrian. All the movies involve him in some way fighting to prove himself to Adrian. The ending of part two is an example of this, when he yells “Yo Adrian I did it”, but the clearest is the very final scene in the entire series,where he simply places roses on her grave and then walks away. Overall, the Rocky series is very tightly written.




Giant Movie Party

A while ago myself, Ryan, and Allison were talking. Somehow it came up that when I was in 10th grade (1995), I started a list of all the movies I had watched in my life. I worked on it back then for a short period and came up with around 200 movies. Unfortunately, that list is long gone. Fast forward to 2008 and they both said I should restart that list. So starting in May I worked on “Movies I’ve Watched in My Lifetime”, or at least a list of ones that I could remember watching. To start out I had a few guidelines:

1. The movie had to have a running time of at least 60 minutes, so no shorts.

2. No TV movies. To qualify as a theater picture it must be listed as one on the internet movie database. So the tv movie “Duel” is not listed, even though it was released in theaters outside the U.S.

3. Any genre of motion picture, including documentaries.

4. Movies from episodes of Mystery Science 3000 are included. I personally consider those just a different version of the movie.

5. I had to be able to remember watching “most” of the film. This is purely subjective and if I couldn’t remember watching most of it, I didn’t include it.

I’m no moviephile by any means, and I don’t own many movies myself, but the grand total (so far) is :


All decades from the 1930’s to now are included. Notabley absent are the great classics such as Citizen Kane, Casablanca, and NorthBy Northwest. Recent blockbusters missing include the Lord of the Rings Triology and the Harry Potter movies. Nearly 25 years of watching movies are included, starting with the first film I watched in the theater, The Muppets Take Manhattan in 1984. That works out to an average of 30 movies a year. Like I said I’m no moviephile, but I do enjoy watching movies when I’m in the right mood. Anyways, you can view the entire list alphabetically at:

And yes, I do have too much time on my hands :)


Movie Party #6

Who’s in?

7 faces of dr. lao

The Beast


movie party #5

#4 still doesn’t count, MATT, but two #4 posts would get CONFUSING, so…

movie party #5. it’s a bit RACIER than the last few…

The Girl On a Motorcylcle

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave


A Bigger Splash

this last one is actually a documentary about David Hockney.

he did these paintings:

movie posters found on



movie party #3

classy movie party: remember when people used to make things look nice?


i couldn’t find any info about this film. at least not in english. i LOVE the poster, though!!


yes i stole these pics from monster brains. you guys should subscribe to that blog.