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The Best Vegan… CUPCAKES!!!!

So Natalie threw this article in my lap today. It’s about some babe who goes by the name of Chloe Coscarelli. And that’s not all!!! It’s also about VEGAN CUPCAKES!!!

So… basically… Chloe went head to head with three of “the country’s top bakers” in the MOST ULTIMATE CUPCAKE CHALLENGE EVER! All three of these “top” bakers decided to be boring and make tried and true, traditional SNOOZEVILLE cupcakes, but our brave hero, Chloe, made all vegan cupcakes. AND DESTROYED THE COMPETITION! According to one judge, “[The cupcakes] were delicious. It was everything we were looking for in a cupcake.” So there.

Here’s the best part… Chloe posted the recipes to some of these award winning desserts (as well as other mouthwatering delights) on her blog. For example…

Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

Maybe I will try to make these soon. I’ll make sure to let you all know how they turn out.


Public Art: Japanese Farmer Style

Crop art. A bit more advanced than what those worthless UFOs do. These pieces were created in rice fields by planting various types of rice in intricate patterns.

this napoleon and warrior can both be found in the Aomori Prefecture

these cute little ducks are hanging out in the Niigata Prefecture

Doraemon and some “Deer Scarers”.


info/pictures stolen from Pink Tentacle

Pottery Barn doesn’t get earth day

Oh, Pottery Barn.  I’ll admit that I like you and your soft linens and solid wood furniture, but I think you kind of miss the point of Earth Day.  Yes, it’s nice for a consumer to not have to pay for shipping, but why encourage the release of more emissions and increase in packaging by encouraging us Americans to sit at our computers and buy linens online when we could easily purchase them at your store?  How preposterous!





declare yourself

this video is pretty cool…

a bunch of celebrities got together to try to convince the american public to register to vote. although i’m generally wary about campaigns like this, it is sponsored by a nonprofit organization, declare yourself.

and i think it’s pretty neat !

watch it…………


Wow, I guess I’m voting for Obama (UGH)

I planned to vote for a 3rd party candidate in this election as I’m not wild about either nominee but McCain’s VP selection has pretty much convinced me to try to keep his ticket out of the White Haus, even though I semi-despise Barack “Change/Hope/repeat” Obama.

Mild reasons to vote against Silly Palin: zero foreign policy experience, no economic skills, pregnant teenage daughter (can’t even control things at home).

Serious reasons to vote against Palin: NRA member and hunting enthusiast, proponent of teaching CREATIONISM IN SCIENCE CLASS.

Holy shit.

PS – Preemptive address to Johnny B,

Yes, John, I know you or your father are probably NRA members and you might be offended.  If you recall from earlier posts I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment but the NRA is a sick, sick, fucking organization and clearly the most hypocritical lobbying organization in America.  Even PETA and Planned Parenthood look sane by comparison.  NRA claims to be a “single issue organization” which is their repeated excuse for not lobbying for true conservation.  Somehow I don’t see how the “single issue” of gun rights includes 1) constantly sticking up for cops even when they’re wrong, 2) lobbying on behalf of trapping practices that have nothing to do with firearms or, 3) as they did until recently, support the ownership of assault weapons.

PPS – Abortion: some people don’t like Palin because she doesn’t support abortions in any situation but I more or less agree with that.

And for you vegetarians out there that don’t eat meat for moral reasons, how do you defend being pro-choice (if you are, that is)?  Moral vegetarian + Pro-choice = hypocrite

Thank you.



Top 5 BBC News Articles 7/8/08

1.  Britain and Russia: All is still not well:  In 2006, Russian Alexander Litvinenko, a “fierce critic of former Russian President Vladimir Putin,” was poisoned by an assumed state-sanctioned hitman while living in a self-imposed exile in the UK.  This article mostly deals with whether the UK will formally accuse Russia of this and similar actions.  I understand these are very strong accusations for a country to make, but it appears many prominent British figures believe it to be the truth, so I think that waiting on the accusation only slows progression and gives the impression that this is okay or, at least, that people can get away with such actions. Further reading: Obituary: Alexander Litvinenko.

2.  Male Biological Clock Ticks Too:  The BBC is obsessed with reporting on fertility lately.  I don’t have a particular interest in it, but maybe there’s a reason why fertility is so popular.  Further reading: Accupuncture ‘no help for IVF,’  Coffee ‘worsens poor fertility’, Cancer patients’ fertility hope

3. Six Burned Bodies in Mexico:  Three Mexican drug lords are fighting for prime smuggling routes to the US.  This leads to increased fighting and is an example as to why I think marijuana should be legalized.

4.  G8 to move against Mugabe allies:  I didn’t know the G8 (+5) existed until I started reading the news regularly this year.  The idea of 8 powerful nations forming a club that takes turn hosting/setting the agenda is pretty interesting.  This articles talks about how they are planning to aide Zimbabwe.  Further reading: G8 urged to do more for climate, G8 urged to act over oil prices

5.  More time to quiz murder suspect:  It’s always interesting to see what murder cases become mainstream media, though, I’m not sure if papers outside of the UK and France are reporting on this case regularly.  The case:  two students were stabbed a total of 240 times and then set on fire in one of the students’ apartment.  There have been no arrests, but this article states a burn victim that was recently treated is a suspect.  Police have also not realeased why these two were targeted for such brutalities.  I suspect a hate crime combined with insanity, clinically or drug-induced, or just insanity.


Meat issues: 1) Environment 2) Humanitarian 3) Media Bias

From my perspective, the three most annoyingly preachy people in the world are Christians, Muslims and vegetarians.  The one thing that vegetarians have that the others don’t is a HUGE AMOUNT OF DATA, FACTS, and the support of the United Nations. 


Being evironmentally responsible is really trendy in a very superficial way in our country.  Lots of people recycle, lots of people are changing modes of transportation, lots of people are monitoring their energy use but very few are avoiding the #1 most environmentally damaging industry in the entire world: meat production.  Many environmental scientific watchdog groups, like Worldwatch Institute, have known this for years but the United Nations finally studied the issue 2 years ago and came to the same conclusion: the best thing you can do for the environment is to not eat meat.

I love all the environmental issues related to domestic oil drilling, coming from people that probably eat meat.  The environmental hazards from drilling are absolutely miniscule compared to FACTS, according to the EPA, like: the meat industry pollutes more water in America than EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY COMBINED . . . or that cattle grazing causes 85% of all soil erosion in the United States.  In a few decades, when we’re having trouble growing domestic crops because of soil runoff, you can rest assured that it’s not at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico thanks to our beef diet.

The environmental ramifications are just gigantic.  Meat is the biggest contributor to global warming as it is the #1 biggest cause of deforestation.  It takes a lot of grain to feed all those KFC chickenz!


This one is really simple and totally ignored.  There are hundreds of millions of starving people in the world, in spite of that we grow enough crops every year to feed the world many times over.  We raise enough crops to feed to COWS ALONE every year to feed the world’s human population.  But that’s just it, we’re wasting it unnecessarily on livestock.  It takes 16 lbs of grain and over 2000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat.  Every time you eat meat you are wasting 15 potential meals that could have benefited someone somewhere else in the world.


The fact that these facts are out there and have been endorsed by the United Nations but still receive VERY little coverage in our news media is nothing short of an abomination.  People like Al Gore are celebrated for their semi-scientific movies that naturally completely ignore the BIGGEST ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE.  The media loves to give green tips and almost never mentions anything related to meat or even diet. 

Even groups like Sierra Club that love hunting acknowledge the damage of meat production.  There is a LOT of information on these issues out there.  But don’t look for it in our degenerate, Obama-loving, status quo-adoring news media.