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news with natalie 08302010

time for an update! here are the most important things of the day (if you happen to be looking at the world through a kaleidoscope, like i am).

ONE: corgis on a treadmill? why??? check out this adorable video. i know there are really only two corgis…but are there really only two corgis?! YOU decide!

TWO: iowa contributes to national news? this is definitely newsworthy. iowa state used their carillon to play lady gaga’s BAD ROMANCE. the video is over five minutes long (which may be longer than the actual song), so don’t waste your time watching it. just revel in the fact that iowa is once again leaving its mark on this amazing nation.

THREE: angry man tries to pay his property tax with 33,000 pennies. i love this story so much, but that’s really all there is to it. he went to the treasurers office and tried to pay his $330 property tax, in pennies, but was DENIED. justice? where is the JUSTICE? if you want to read more about this amazing story, check it out here on gawker.

FOUR: oh my godddd, can you even handle this photograph? i love this so much, mostly because of this quote: ‘once the shock wears off, i’m sure she’ll say yes.’ yeah? are you sure? who is this guy anyway? it doesn’t matter. anyway, in reference to this photo, i say mostly because let’s not forget his amazing pants, tan, or tattoos. his dead stare makes me wish he was asking me. but i digress.

FIVE: this faaaantastic gem of a german man, thilo sarrazin finally broke the silence about jews, and said that ‘all jews share a certain gene.’ yeah? cool! maybe we should put them somewhere where they can all be together, comfortably. maybe…in a…camp! sorry thilo, someone already thought of that. read more on that here.

well, that’s that! see you next week for news with natalie!

love always,

Golden Veins Aural Teaser Trailers

This will be a quick post, but I promise to be back with something much more interesting in the near future!

We just wanted you all to know that we’ve uploaded a couple of Aural Teaser Trailers for the first six singles:

Let us know what you think!


while on the site, you can hear full versions of all six tracks from the inaugural single: “Gravitational Collapse” – available 09/14/10 (PRE-ORDER NOW!)

news with natalie

here is a new feature I am working on AT THE MOMENT. it is called news with natalie and it is the news.

here is today’s RUNDOWN.

swine flu is over! if you didn’t get a vaccine, finally you can go outside! no one overreacted about this pandemic AT ALL. be careful!

WAIT. a dramatic video containing a car crash on a RACETRACK? this does sound dramatic! click through to see the drama! see it?

one last thing–if you haven’t seen EAT PRAY LOVE, don’t! you MIGHT want to check this out, though:
it does look like an absolute delight.

i love you.


Apple vs. HTC (aka Google)

My good friend mil_ wrote an interesting article over at his technology blog: TechNippon. As you may have guessed from the title of this post, it’s about “Apple vs. HTC (aka Google)“…

He said I could post it here as well, so give it a read if you care at all about the advancement of technology!

As you may have heard, Apple has filed a patent lawsuit against cell phone manufacturer HTC (manufacturer of the “Google Phone” the Nexus One). And as you may have also figured out, these lawsuits are a thinly-veiled attack against Google’s Android OS as well (Google, despite not being directly named in any of the lawsuits, released a statement in defense of HTC).

The two lawsuits (one federal, one with the ITC) name 20 patents that Apple is claiming infringement upon. The first question is how did Apple manage to get some of these things patented? Most of them deal with OS-level software functions (ie the Android OS, not HTC’s hardware) that, if upheld by patent courts, would give Apple all but a monopoly on basic functions of smartphones or any modern-day multi-device. For example, power management functions for a digital camera or “reducing voltage to an instruction-processing part of the processor” aka sleep mode.

Many of the patents also deal with specific software/OS programming techniques, like using OOP for, well, anything (graphics, notifications, multitasking) and others deal with how the OS is run. It seems that Apple took some basic, broad programming ideas and patented them being used in a specific context: in this case, on a mobile platform. Mobile phone OSes were extremely simple until smartphones came along, and Apple got a head start on everyone by a few years with the iPhone–admittedly a paradigm-shifting piece of hardware and software. In other words, they patented the basic functionality it would take to make any phone work like a desktop. And now, a few years down the line when more and more phones are becoming PC-like, Apple suddenly has the golden patents to throw the hammer down on any and all competitors.

What Apple is doing here is nothing short of snuffing out technological advance to increase their own market share and, in turn, profit margin. Things like multitouch gestures are not something you should be able to patent. ”Unlocking a device by using a gesture on an image” is such a broad idea that it should have never been granted a patent to one specific company in the first place. Multitouch gestures, and smartphones in general, are natural evolutions of technological advance. OOP is not a specific idea that one company owns, but an entire method of programming. How can a company “own” multitouch? There are many manufacturers of capacitive and resistive multitouch screens. But the software that enables us to take advantage of the technology? Apple’s.

In this case, Apple should at least grant third parties the license to use their patented technologies for a nominal fee like any rational company/entity. But it has instead requested to bar the sale of any and all devices who are named in the infringement case–which includes all Android phones and even some WM phones. Is Apple being overprotective of its own products or its own ideas (which is also dubious at best–the idea of a screen that responds to multitouch has probably been around for decades. I can assure you that Mr. Jobs was not the first person ever to think of it, just the first to think of using the law to claim ownership of it)? Or is it just sending out a quite large and loud first attack on the other technological mega-entity (and reasonable threat to their smartphone near-monopoly) in the room, Google? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Google didn’t back down from China, instead directly confronting it. How will it deal with the closed regime of Appleland and its leader’s all-powerful reality distortion field??


Folgers Christmas 2009

If you’ll recall from last year, I wrote a post about my favorite Christmas Commericals. One of my choices was everyone’s favorite, “Peter comes home” Folgers commercial. Well, while home over Thanksgiving this year, I happened to see an updated version of that commercial.

Now, it’s kind of a strange update because, instead of Peter presumably hitchhiking home from college, the new not-Peter (I’ll call him this because at no point does his sister shout out “PETER!”)  has returned home from West Africa. From some sort of “volunteer” program that has a symbol vaguely similar to UNICEF.  Check moment 0:07,  as it’s on his backpack. Anyway, it proceeds like the old Folger’s commercial, even with the sister doting on not-Peter (“I waited up all night for you,ya’ know”), despite the fact that she’s probably 10 years older than the original sister.  Coffee is smelled, poured, parents awake. Then it gets a little weird. Not-Peter says he’s gotten a gift for little-big sister. It’s exchanged. But then they both kind of get bedroom eyes for a few seconds. Until mom and dad thankfully break up the awkward scene.  And then we’re played out by everyone’s favorite King-of-Queen’s-theme-song-singing Billy Vera.

A future classic? Possibly. But it’s still no Taco John’s Faliz Navidad commercial. Which I tried searching for AGAIN this year,but no dice.


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Lollapalooza 2009: Day 2

I think I survived Day 2.  Here’s what I saw:

Santigold: Easily the best performance of the day.  It was the last day of her tour, and everything was polished to a tee.  She had probably the best atitude/morale I’ve seen so far and seemed geniuinely excited/thankful to be playing Lolla.  Annd, her vocals sounded the complete opposite of someone that is on the last day of tour.  Pretty amazing, expecially considering the strange vocals she does.  Santigold had two dancers with her, each one standing on either side of her on the stage.  The dancers wore matching gold and black costumes and did choreographed robotic/show choir/military type moves during her set.  So, dance party ensued.

Her setlist isn’t up yet, but she played all of her bigger songs from Santogold, including “I’m a Lady,” “Anne,” “Unstoppable,” “Lights Out,” and “Creator.”  She also played a cover of the Cure’s “Killing an Arab.”

Animal Collective: I’m not very familiar with this indie weird-noise band, but I do enjoy the song that has the iPod-ish music video.  I wasn’t incredibly impressed and we couldn’t see anything, other than the art-school looking animations they played on the jumbotron.

The video isn’t very good, but it kind of gives you idea of what it was like.

Tool: The headliner for Saturday is another band I’m not wild about, but I stayed long enough to see them play “Stinkfist” and to admire their 80-foot tall pentagram and skull.  Tool is one of those bands that has really cultish fans that sing along to every song and wear Tool shirts to Tool concerts.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: They played at the same time as Tool and were the last-minute replacement for the Beastie Boys.  I wandered to the other end of the park after thirty minutes of Tool (so like 2 Tool songs) to see them play.  As much as I like this band, I was a little disappointed, even with the last-minuteness in mind.  Karen’s outfits weren’t half as wild as I was hoping and thought she was known for.  Her outfits were 1) a slightly native looking flag drapped over her shoulders 2) a boring floral dress that could have been worn by any girl there 3) her leather jacket that she seems to love.  Also, she had to stop two separate songs because she “forgot the lyrics.”  One of those songs was “maps.”  Seriously, that’s one of her major songs with the easiest lyrics.  Maybe she was nervous or drunk or who knows?

1. Runaway
2. Phenomena (Listed as “Phenom (Beastie Break)” on setlist )
3. Heads Will Roll
4. Pin
5. Dull Life
6. Gold Lion
7. Cheated Hearts
8. Skeletons
9. Hysteric
10. Soft Shock
11. Honeybear
12. Zero
13. Turn Into
14. Maps (acoustic)
15. Y Control
16. Date With the Night

Bands I wish I could have seen on Day 2, but couldn’t cause it’s a huge, hot, crowded fest: TV on the Radio, Atmosphere, Diplo.  Today, my eye is bothering me and the heat is worse than yesterday.  And, there aren’t really any bands I’m dying to see, so I probably won’t be there as long.