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Aram Bartholl’s Dead Drops

This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long while. And I’m sorry that this is basically just a cut/paste post, but I figured I’d let the artist speak for himself:

I am pleased to preview ‘Dead Drops’ a new project which I started off as part of my ongoing EYEBEAM residency in NYC the last couple weeks. ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. I am ‘injecting’ USB flash drives into walls, buildings and curbs accessable to anybody in public space. You are invited to go to these places (so far 5 in NYC) to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your favorite files and data. Each dead drop contains a readme.txt file explaining the project. ‘Dead Drops’ is still in progress, to be continued here and in more cities. Full documentation, movie, map and ‘How to make your own dead drop’ manual coming soon! Stay tuned.

Dead drop (Wikipedia)

Visit Aram’s blog and the official ‘Dead Drops’ page for more information and locations!


FILMS PT 2 09042010

today we are making pancakes OR getting mate lattes. iiiiit’s saturday! the day of indecision. also i’m trying to convince everyone to go get their haircut..together. la james, here we come!


a new film by darren aronofsky, about ballerinas! so cute.


casey affleck plays a cool guy; a murderer. directed by michael winterbottom, who did a mighty heart and 24 hour party people. is that a good enough description? probably not. the trailer is chilling, though, so give it a watch.


i think this film looks like garbage. BUT. i love street art, and i suppose if a street artist were to make a film, it would be banksy. check it out.

love and happy labor day! it’s a holiday


Laconic Oration – February

Laconic Oration is a blog full of interesting/inspiring images. It’s a baby created by Natalie and me.

Every month, I take a handful of my favorite images from the month and post them here. For example: January, December, November, October, and September.



Laconic Oration – September

Well… HERE’S a cop-out! Instead of taking the time to write a real post, I’m just going to put up 10 images that were featured on Laconic Oration during the month of September…

aw heck. make it 11.

via Laconic Oration

ASCAP attacking blogs for embedding YouTube videos

real cool, ASCAP. real. cool.

read about it on

this doesn’t make sense to me, because, from what i understand, if the owner of a music video doesn’t want it on youtube, they can get it pulled. maybe i’m confused, but regardless… is it really the blogs that ASCAP should be going after? seems to me that their whole battle should be waged against YouTube. if YouTube didn’t host the videos, bloggers couldn’t share them. right? and, ultimately, WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER?! it’s even less serious than the AWFUL crime of downloading a song from a file sharing site or whatever. get bent.



fuck i’ve been beaten to it!


Modern Pirates

The Somali Pirates have been in the news for the last few years but only recently hit the BIG TIME in the USA after they finally attacked a ship manned by Americans.  In the past they’ve gone after ships from China, Korea, Europe (Europe’s a country, right?) but we ignored it because we only care about the USA.  My girlfriend asked me what the pirates look like and I told her they were probably just black dudes with shirts, pants, and shoes.  I don’t know what she expected; parrots? big hats with skulls? bandanas?  So I looked for pictures online and here’s what I found.

Tracy Morgan?


Is the guy on the left holding a bazooka thing?

If you are a chubby man in large glasses…you might have killed John Lennon.

Please…can somebody decipher these codes????

Austria Vs. Japan: “The Cannibal Of Japan”

i think this fits in the series?! probably a little more appropriate than the halloween costume edition

have you heard of Issei Sagawa? he’s the “godfather of cannibals”. if you don’t know him by that title, you might know him as THAT GUY WHO KILLED AND ATE A WOMAN IN FRANCE, ADMITED TO IT, AND NEVER WENT TO JAIL!

issei sagawa

in 1981, while attending the sorbonne academy, sagawa killed a fellow college student by inviting her over to his apartment and shooting her in the back of the neck. the obvious next step was to eat her butt.

” Suddenly a lot of sallow fat oozes from the wound. It reminds me of Indian corn. It continues to ooze. It is strange. Finally I find the red meat under the sallow fat. I scoop it out and put it in my mouth. I chew. It has no smell and no taste. It melts in my mouth like a perfect piece of tuna. I look in her eyes and say: ‘You are delicious.’ “

after eating some raw butt, he got out the old electric carving knife and sampled quite a few other parts of her body as well, trying a handful of cooking techniques. now, for most of us, becoming a cannibal would probably be good enough, right? well, not for issei… he decided this night was a good time to also become a necrophile. but don’t worry! issei isn’t just about fucking, mutilating, and eating humans, he also has a sensitive side – when he got tired, he brought the mangled corpse to his bed and lovingly slept along side it.

the next morning, he got up and decided to continue his feast. he would keep removing and preparing parts of her body until the flies buzzing around it became too much for him. when this happened, he began chopping her up into a bunch of little pieces that he would fit into his suitcase. this is the point where you would think the story would start to fall in line with other “chopping people up and putting them in containers” tales, but no, this one is special because most of those other stories don’t include a section where the killer gets aroused by his dismembment and uses a severed hand to masturbate. WOW!!

he fit all of the remains, minus some select pieces that he stored in his fridge, into a suitcase, got in a taxi, and went to a park to dispose of them. when some people saw him having issues with the suitcase, he panicked and ran off. human body parts were seen protruding from the suitcase, and the cops were called. a couple days later, sagawa was arrested and found to be TOO FUCKING CRAZY. he was put in an institution for a couple years, eventually being deported back to japan, where he spent aproximately one and a half more years in an asylum. then he was released. but don’t worry! this isn’t one of those cases where the disgusting murderer ends up living the rest of his days in squalor, shunned by society. no sir! issei is a regular damn celebrity; appearing on tv programs, writing restaurant reviews, and starring in softcore porn. he’s currently living in an apartment in tokyo, but has a passport to germany. THIS IS GOOD!?

issei sagawa

oh yeah. and he’s a painter:
issei sagawa painting
issei sagawa painting
issei sagawa painting

MORE INFO: 1. 2. 3.

you can find a documentary from 1993 on youtube right here. (i haven’t watched it yet, so i dunno if it’s worth it)

here’s a short piece about/staring sagawa:


here’s the video for “too much blood” by the rolling stones. the song was inspired by sagawa:


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The PS2 Grand Theft Auto Trilogy

Last night I finished Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and have thus finished the three GTA games that were developed for PlayStation 2. Since I am so cool I will now answer a couple of questions that were recently put forth to me.


Ryan Curtis Meier asked, “Why was (the recent PS3/X360 release) called GTAIV? Why doesn’t GTA: Vice City count as the fourth GTA game?” (NOT A DIRECT QUOTE. RYAN SOUNDS MORE AMERICAN THAN THAT)

The explanation is simple enough. The three PS2 GTAz represent a lateral progression, not a forward movement. Each release uses versions of the same game engine and plays largely the same. A veteran of any of the three will easily be able to pick up one of the others and be right at home. DMA Designs (now known as Rockstar North) introduced this approach when they released Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1: London 1969, a companion/follow-up to the original GTA.


Allison Michelle Payne asked, regarding the PS2 GTAz, “Aren’t they all the same? Is there really any difference between them?”

That’s a good question. Thank you so much! At the core, the games are quite similar but the release of each of them is definitely warranted. They’re certainly not more of the same. When I think of more of the same I think of Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, Donkey Kong Country 2 & 3, any Capcom sequel, any Madden NFL game, etc. This really isn’t the case with the PS2 GTAz. I think an appropriate comparison might be Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, and Banjo-Kazooie for Nintendo 64. These games all used the same game engine and basic format but so many elements were different. Such is the case with PS2 GTAz. Each of the games takes place in a completely different location, features different characters, and new situations. There’s a real sense of escalation from one game to the next. GTA III consists primarily of completing mission after mission to get through the game but Vice City introduces the empire-building concept consisting of buying legit businesses to serve as fronts for your criminal enterprises.

And then there’s San Andreas, which really blows the roof off everything. The game world is gigantic – a whole state with three major cities, dozens of small towns and isolated settlements, mountains, forests, countrysides, etc. etc. Plus fighter jets, jetpacks, karate moves, swimming and even the fucking L.A. Riots! So each release is actually pretty ambitious. San Andreas may be the most epic game I’ve played. On the same note, San Andreas is also something of a culmination of the previous efforts and may make the previous efforts redundant for many gamers. I DUNNO OMG.