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Stuck on Repeat: Track 5 – “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear



(Warp – 2009)

So just last week Greg asked if I had anything in the works for “Stuck on Repeat.” I confessed to him that, while I had been listening to music quite regularly due to my new job allowing for plenty of ipod time, there was nothing getting repeated play. Then this week, while listening to NPR’s “All Songs Considered” at said job, this song came up. When it was finished, as you might guess, I proceeded to listen to it several times more.

Grizzly Bear is a pretty hot-shit band right now. Many people would throw “indie” in there, but I think when you’re new album, Veckatimest, debuts at #8 on the Billboard charts, you kind of lose that adjective.  Sorry dudes.

Anyway, it’s the perfect track to pull me out of this musical funk.  I love that it’s such a simple song.  Essentially propelled by a constant plinking of a few piano/Rhodes notes and countered by a stuttering rhythm section that has to wait until the choruses to fully join in.   I’m somewhat surprised this hasn’t become a summer hit. I believe it’s light, breezy and sing-along-enough to break big.  But what do I know.

Oh, and since I don’t even own this album, I can only share the video with you, which is definitely in the running for most unsettling video of the year. But who are we kidding, we all know that DM’s “Wrong” is going to win by a mile!


Stuck on Repeat: Track 3/4 – “Big Boring Wedding” & “Sheet Kickers” By Guided By Voices

"Under the Bushes Under the Stars" by Guided By Voices

Under the Bushes Under the Stars (Matador – 1996)

Big Boring Wedding

Sheet Kickers

Guided By Voices is a band I should have spent my entire high school career listening to. However,  as usual, it wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I finally got into them.

Oh well.

The two tracks that I have been listening to repeatedly are one of the last six tracks on the album. I mention this because those six tracks nearly didn’t make the cut. The big wigs at Matador didn’t care for them, so gave them the ax. Then, they supposedly saw the error of their ways and asked for them to be put back on.  So they aren’t listed on the back of the cds.  Or so the story goes.  Yet, I think most of those six songs are some of the best on Under the Bushes Under the Stars.

Big Boring Wedding is not your typical GBV song. At 3:43,  it  slowly unfolds (especially when you consider that prior to this album, many GBV songs clocked in under two minutes, and sometimes under one minute).  And, as opposed to Pollard’s usual abstract ramblings, he seems to be a little more straight ahead. However, still an ill song.

Sheet Kickers is a little more obvious. Engineered/produced by Steve Albini.  So it’s got that Albini drum sound that I love. And the song itself sort of reminds me of early Frank Black.  So, in short, you have Sufer Rosa production with Teenager of the Year songwriting. Hooray!

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Stuck on Repeat: Track 2 – “Your New Twin Sized Bed” by Death Cab for Cutie


“Your New Twin Sized Bed” by Death Cab for Cutie taken from Narrow Stairs (2008 – Atlantic)

This track randomly came up while listening to my iPod last week while driving either to or from Iowa City (after your fourth or fifth trip in one week, you sort of lose track). Neither this song nor album had I given many listens.  But at that moment while cruising along I-80 my ears perked it.  Maybe it’s the almost-looped quality of the song. Or the meloncollie synth counter-melody that comes in the 2nd verse. Or maybe how Gibbard nails down what is sometimes the worst part of being single.  Regardless, I ended up listening to the track repeatedly on the way from/to Des Moines.

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Stuck on Repeat: Track 1 – “Loss of God” by Wolves in the Attic

With the introduction of Greg’s second regular feature, ” 70 Aspects of Batman,” it suddenly occurred to me that I was rapidly becoming the least productive member of Beati Paoli on this blog.  Lord knows that’s one title I do not want, so I have quickly produced this new column from out of nowhere.   I call it  “Stuck on Repeat.” It’s a fairly simple concept. I post a song that has recently been getting repeated play on my ipod/itunes/whatever and then I briefly write about it. Easy peasy.


“Loss of God” by Wolves in the Attic, taken from Electronic Hearts (2009 – Mission Freak)

[Full disclosure: I’ve been practicing a bit with these guys as I will be a fill-in bassist for a few weeks this summer.]  “Loss of God,” encompasses everything that I dig about the band and I suppose solid rock music .  Plenty of  fuzz, riffs/lead lines shooting off in every direciton, and group HEY!’s.  Oh yeah and check out the ol’ stop-short (one of my favorite moves in song writing) at the 2:10 mark which nicely sets the stage for everything to come back in and eventually leads to the previously mentioned fuzz, riffs, and HEY!’s.

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