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news with natalie 08302010

time for an update! here are the most important things of the day (if you happen to be looking at the world through a kaleidoscope, like i am).

ONE: corgis on a treadmill? why??? check out this adorable video. i know there are really only two corgis…but are there really only two corgis?! YOU decide!

TWO: iowa contributes to national news? this is definitely newsworthy. iowa state used their carillon to play lady gaga’s BAD ROMANCE. the video is over five minutes long (which may be longer than the actual song), so don’t waste your time watching it. just revel in the fact that iowa is once again leaving its mark on this amazing nation.

THREE: angry man tries to pay his property tax with 33,000 pennies. i love this story so much, but that’s really all there is to it. he went to the treasurers office and tried to pay his $330 property tax, in pennies, but was DENIED. justice? where is the JUSTICE? if you want to read more about this amazing story, check it out here on gawker.

FOUR: oh my godddd, can you even handle this photograph? i love this so much, mostly because of this quote: ‘once the shock wears off, i’m sure she’ll say yes.’ yeah? are you sure? who is this guy anyway? it doesn’t matter. anyway, in reference to this photo, i say mostly because let’s not forget his amazing pants, tan, or tattoos. his dead stare makes me wish he was asking me. but i digress.

FIVE: this faaaantastic gem of a german man, thilo sarrazin finally broke the silence about jews, and said that ‘all jews share a certain gene.’ yeah? cool! maybe we should put them somewhere where they can all be together, comfortably. maybe…in a…camp! sorry thilo, someone already thought of that. read more on that here.

well, that’s that! see you next week for news with natalie!

love always,

Laconic Oration – January

Natalie and I maintain an image-blog over at

Here is a very small taste of what was posted there in January:

i’ve also posted samples from December, November, October, and September. However… you could always just stop over to the site itself


Laconic Oration – October

September’s edition was such a success, I guess I’ll continue the monthly image post!!

Here are 15 images from Laconic Oration, during the month of October:

via Laconic Oration


Excessive North Korean Buildingz

There are many reasons why I would like to visit North Korea. I am not a communist or a commie sympathizer so don’t think I want to go so I can study what’s great about their system. No, on the contrary I’m attracted to North Korea because it’s so fucked up. The brainwashing, the censorship, the little baby boy that became a Dear Leader, it’s all so intriguing. You might be saying to yourself, “What about Zimbabwe, Cuba, Iran, etc.?” No, thank you. What makes North Korea so much more interesting than these backwards dictator havens is the way NK has shut itself off AND the great lengths to which it goes to convince its people and the world that it has some kind of might.

For all of the criticisms of Cuba, when it comes to displaying their might they’re content to do so on the baseball field. Ditto Zimbabwe and cricket. Iran is a big regional player, not shut off at all. They want people to think they’re tough but they don’t do it from behind closed doors like NK. Visiting NK would be like visiting another world or at least that’s how I imagine it.

Here are a couple of buildings that represent some of NK’s ridiculous excess and attempts to prove something, who knows what?, to someone.

Ryugyong Hotel

Construction on this gigantic hotel began in 1987 and then CEASED in 1992, leaving the behemoth unfinished!  And there it sat as unfinished as ever until last year when a foreign company was hired to put in windows and finish covering the upper, circular floors.  These changes were not made to complete construction but rather to make the thing appear finished and more attractive.  The hotel will not actually be opened any time soon or probably EVER due to shoddy construction.

May Day Stadium

At least this exercise in excess is actually in use.  Finished in 1999, it’s the largest non-car racing stadium in the world, with a capacity of 150,ooo!  And the thing has a partial dome!  It’s 50% larger than the biggest football stadia in the USA.  What’s strange about this is that sports aren’t exactly a huge deal in NKorea.  In fact the only possible tenant for the stadium is the national soccer team as there’s no big league of any sort in the country.  When Japan and South Korea co-hosted the World Cup in 2002 they actually offered to allow NK to host a few matches, presumably at the May Day stadium.  This seems like a no-brainer ‘yes’ (all that income and attention without the expense of any campaigning).  However, NK said, “No, thanx” and instead organized a huge series of performances at the stadium to distract NKoreans from the World Cup tournament being held south of the border.  This big show, the Arirang, has become an annual occasion.  It runs for several days and it’s basically like the Opening/Closing Ceremonies at Olympics – lots of silly costumes, streamers, dancers, etc.  The shows are so huge that the performers occasionally outnumber the spectators.


Married to the Eiffel Tower

well, beati paoli is on tour…aka everybody i know is out of town…so i am using my abundant free time to watch a documentary on objectum-sexuality.

it’s really interesting to witness the evolution of the “relationships” these women have – not to mention delightfully awkward. also, i was intrigued by a statistic i found after watching the film: at least half of the objectophiles in the world are also afflicted with asperger’s syndrome.

the whole documentary is only 50-55 minutes.

links links links (two parts):

part one:

part two:

more information on objectophilia and its history here.


some neat stuff to look at…

so… we’ve all been on tour for a while.

and that’s my only excuse for the dwindling posts. matt’s been doing a good job of keeping the flame burning, and i’m hoping to jump in and help him carry this burden.

this post is just a quicky. some art/design stuff i had in my favorites…


“30 of the most creative bookshelf designs”

what i like best about looking at these is that it makes me want to start building my own furniture.

here are some favorites:

and while we’re on the topic of interior design…

hotel rooms:

these are all painted by san francisco locals at the hotel des arts.

next are some rooms at propeller island city lodge in berlin:

flying bed

4 beams

mirror room

upside down


padded cell


two lions

here are some other similar hotels:

Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Gladstone Hotel

Hotel De Filosoof

Hotel Fox

Hotel Max

browse those for a while.


photos from burj dubai

remember when ninjagarden was talking about TALL BUILDINGS???

well… i was looking at darkroastedblend today, when i ran across some pictures that were taken from the top of the TALLEST MAN-MADE STRUCTURE ON EARTH!

that first one makes me want to roll a katamari.