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Lollapalooza: Day One

I’ve heard a lot of people say things along the lines of “I would die before going to Lollapalooza.” or “The crowds and heat are atrocious!”   Well, even though the latter is definitely true, I still couldn’t not buy a three-day pass.  Here’s my rundown of day one:

Ben Folds: I’m not a huge fan or terribly familiar, but I do have a couple of his albums (Whatever and Ever and Amen and The Unauthorized Biorgraphy of Reinhold Messner).  I didn’t recognize all the songs he played, but hearing hits, such as “Kate” and “Army” was enjoyable.  Grade: B

1 Bitch Went Nutz
2 Effington
3 Landed
4 Bitches ain’t shit
5 Dr. Yang
6 Hiroshima
7 Rockin the Suburbs
8 Kate
9 Narcolepsy
10 You Don’t Know Me
11 Army

Crystal Castles: This band is some indie techno import that I was really excited to see.  Maybe it was the fact that we were standing kind of far back and it was raining and cold, but I wasn’t that impressed.  Overall, the performance seemed uninspired, or inspired by Karen O.  Grade: C-

Thievery Corruption: Ugh, I hate most global sounding stuff that isn’t actually global, and TC was no exception.  Supposedly, one of their songs was played in the movie, Garden State.

Peter, Bjorn and John: This is a band that opened for Depeche Modes and one that I’ve been meaning to check out.  I didn’t get to see much, and I think I’m still going to have to listen to an album or two to understand them.

Nothing to Worry About
Living Thing
It Beats Me Every Time
It Don’t Move Me
Lay It Down
Just the Past
Young Folks
Objects of My Affection
Up Against the Wall

Of Montreal: I’ve seen these guys before.  It was enjoyable like the last time and they do wacky shit, so good show.  Wacky shit examples: girl on cross-like structure; 10-foot long orange hairy arms; bunches of balloons and confetti; weird masks; etc. Grade: B+

1. Nonpareil of Favor
2. Bunny Ain’t No Kind Of Rider
3. Id Engager
4. For Our Elegant Caste
5. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover)
6. The Party’s Crashing Us
7. Rapture Rapes the Muses
8. A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
9. Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games
10. Beware Our Nubile Miscreants
11. Touched Something’s Hollow
12. An Eluardian Instance
13. Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
14. She’s A Rejecter


Depeche Mode: Ah, the main band I really wanted to see.  And, it was nothing short of amazing.  DM made use of the jumbotrons by incorporating some goth art (a red, blinking eyeball above a picture of a single crow) and some confusing art (a young black man’s face. then a fat person in a circle running like a hampster wheel.  then an old gandolf-looking man.  let me know if you get this.).  They played for about an hour and forty-five mintues and played a good mix of new and old stuff.  Unfortunately, they did not play my favorite DM song, But Not Tonight.  Oh, well. Another note is that DM could not have played in a more appropriate atmosphere than they did last night: completely overcast sky that threatened rain against the super modern skyscrapers.   Grade: A+

1. In Chains
2. Wrong
3. Hole to Feed
4. Walking In My Shoes
5. It’s No Good
6. A Question of Time
7. Precious Thing
8. Touch Me
9. Home
10. Come Back
11. Policy of Truth
12. In Your Room
13. I Feel You
14. Enjoy the Silence
15. Never Let Me Down Again
16. Stripped
17. Personal Jesus




I would be okay if Lollapalooza was only one day because it’s 94 degrees out today and I’m already exhausted.  I’m lazy, but if you are really interested in looking at all the set-lists/photos, etc, the Lolla website is pretty handy.  hope i survive the next two days.


My Favorite Foods: Rainier Cherries


This is important news: Rainier cherries are delicious!  Their insides are  juicy, yellow, sweet and probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted.  They were bred in a lab in 1952 and are a cross between Bing and Van cherries.  I read they’re super hard to grow and since they’re a relatively new fruit and probably have a lower production, they can be as much as a dollar a cherry (says Wikipedia)!  Their red and yellow skins are almost as pretty as they are delicious.  Best fruit of the year.  F pomegranates! 


This surprises me…

Two of the top articles today on BBC news were related to global warming, but I am still surprised by this.

By Chris Mason
BBC News, Ghent

A Ghent poster promoting "Veggie Day" (image from Ghent city website)

A poster advertising “Veggie Day” shows a sailor rowing an aubergine

The Belgian city of Ghent is about to become the first in the world to go vegetarian at least once a week.

Starting this week there will be a regular weekly meatless day, in which civil servants and elected councillors will opt for vegetarian meals.

Ghent means to recognise the impact of livestock on the environment.

The UN says livestock is responsible for nearly one-fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions, hence Ghent’s declaration of a weekly “veggie day”.

Public officials and politicians will be the first to give up meat for a day.

Schoolchildren will follow suit with their own veggiedag in September.

It is hoped the move will cut Ghent’s environmental footprint and help tackle obesity.

Around 90,000 so-called “veggie street maps” are now being printed to help people find the city’s vegetarian eateries.


Pepsi Throwback

I don’t even like Pepsi, but I like gimmicks and sugar, so I tried the new Pepsi products upon mass market release. In March of this year, Pepsi began selling Pepsi Throwback and Mt. Dew Throwback, both of the products using real sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. For a non-Pepsi drinker, I thought there isn’t much difference in taste between the old and the new (I’m not exactly sure which is which, with all this throwback coming back business.), and the only main difference I noticed was the decrease in the amount of carbonation. I don’t feel as guilty drinking pop with real sugar, but I couldn’t tell you the exact reason as to why HFCS is so much worse than real sugar, other than the fact that real sugar is a lot simpler to understand. Anyway, my conclusion on the pops: they’re cool, I guess.

Side note: At the same time, Pepsi released Pepsi Natural to select markets, but I’m yet to see a bottle on the shelf here…

Pepsi Throwback website





So, this weekend, I learned there is a genre of music called Wrock, which is short for Wizard Rock.  From what I gathered, it is a genre where extreme fanatics of the Harry Potter series write and perform songs inspired by HP.  This girl likes it:

Someone go to Wrockstock ’09 with me, please.


IE8: World’s Best Browser

It’s been over a month since Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 was released on March 19th of this year and after testing it at work for awhile, I have deemed it the best internet browser thus far. And here’s why:

  1. Accelerators: I love them. This is ingenious. Accelerators simplify searches by removing the now laborious task of cutting and pasting information. With accelerators, you only need to highlight the text and then choose the accelerator that you want to use, such as Google or Live Maps. picture-3
  2. Enhanced Navigation: Poorly designed websites are magically aligned with the click of a button to enable better viewing.
  3. Grouped Tabbed Browsing (GTB): It seems that lesser internet browsers are still boasting tabbed browsing, or, at the most, movable tabs, but IE 8 has GTB. Tabs that are opened from other pages are automatically color coded and can easily be moved, removed from group, closed from group, etc. One drawback is that the colors appear Microsoft-y to me.picture-1

There are other features IE 8 offers to users. You can check them out and the full description of the features listed here on the IE8 website. Most boring post ever…


Pottery Barn doesn’t get earth day

Oh, Pottery Barn.  I’ll admit that I like you and your soft linens and solid wood furniture, but I think you kind of miss the point of Earth Day.  Yes, it’s nice for a consumer to not have to pay for shipping, but why encourage the release of more emissions and increase in packaging by encouraging us Americans to sit at our computers and buy linens online when we could easily purchase them at your store?  How preposterous!