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How to mosh

Get a clue, idiot:

if you are in the heart of The Pit, listening to Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff for the first time and you aren’t prepared for what is going to happen when Fred heads into the verse… “If things keep going this way tonight… BREAK YOUR F***ING FACE TONIGHT…” you are very likely to lose control of your bowels when the crowd erupts around you


The greatest fangame I’ve ever seen.


My name is Joe. If you know me, you know that I love Super Metroid, Metroid 3. It was a game that came along at the right time in my life and just kicked me in the fucking head. Then, everyone waited and waited for a sequel. Remember Metroid 64? I DON’T. Let’s wait some more!

Okay, so Metroid 4 comes out and it’s pretty good, it just wasn’t better or as good as Super Metroid… at all. Life goes on…

…until late last month.

Apparently this dude named Von Richter has secretly been working on a fan tribute game to Super Metroid entitled Metroid SR388 (for those that don’t know, SR388 is the Metroid’s home world featured in Metroid II: The Return of Samus). He just released a trailer for it.

Shit shit shit shit shitshitshisthishsithsit.

No but for real, if you don’t get goosebumps from that, check your pulse because you’re dead to me. Look at the animation. I mean, Super Metroid had some pretty fluid animation going, but just look at Samus morph into a ball. Look at that spin jump. Look at the bomb effects and fire effects. Check out the beams maaaan.

It looks like the Spider Ball is going to be making a return to the 2D Metroid world as well, and what has affectionately been dubbed the “mock ball” in the Super Metroid speed run community (the fast, green morph ball you’re seeing in a few shots in that trailer).

There’s so much going on in this trailer, so just watch it.

Metroid rules, Prime sucks.




yo sup

betrayaltakestw0: post some mind-fucking shit now
justfornowplz: I gotta figure out how to do this first.
betrayaltakestw0: oh
betrayaltakestw0: probably
betrayaltakestw0: see!!? this is the sort of shit you need to post on the blog
justfornowplz: HAHAHA
justfornowplz: FOR REAL
betrayaltakestw0: i’m NOT JOKING
betrayaltakestw0: shit would be DECENT
justfornowplz: Man how the fuck do I post