Audio Recommendations 3

BraidsNative Speaker (2o11).

Saw these dudettes and dudes last month with Baths. They put on a great show. And the album is great too. Kinda like a better version of Yeasayer.

This is the first song on the album. It’s called “Lemonade”

here they are performing it live:



Next up, David Sandstrom’s 2000 album, Om Det Inte Hander Nat Innan Imorgon Sa Kommer Jag. I had a hard time choosing a song to share, cuz they’re all epic. Seriously.

This is “Nar Hjartat Svider”

Here’s David and Frida Hyvonen performing some songs from a different album:



Trans Am’s Thing, from 2010. Listen to it. Fabulous album. Dirty. Dancey. Noisy.

This song is called “Naked Singularity”

Here they are destroying some shit live:



And finally…

I’ve been listening to Second Coming by The Stone Roses quite a bit. Like Trans Am, these are some sexy songs. However, they’re actually nothing like Trans Am.

This was their comeback single, “Love Spreads”. The guitar is brutal.

and I couldn’t find a good version of this live, so here’s the video:



ps- parts 1 and 2. and other recommendations.

4 responses to “Audio Recommendations 3

  1. That David Sandstrom album is really great. I actually had a co-worker ask me to burn a copy of it for him after playing it only once in the warehouse.

  2. Glad you like Second Coming…I think as time goes on, that album will go up in estimation. It’s reception suffered from coming 5 1/2 years after their almost-universally acclaimed debut and from having a pretty different sound. But Squire’s an amazing guitarist, the rhythm section lend the songs a great funkiness (see “Daybreak”) and Ian Brown’s vocals add a great ambience….with a song like Love Spreads, I think a lot of people would prefer a Robert Plant-like wail to go along with the song’s bluesy-ness; but I think Ian’s smoky, subdued voice gives that song and others an atmosphere and menace that would be lacking in the hands of a more “technically proficient” singer.

    Also, Beck has a cameo in the “Love Spreads” video…he’s the prospector with the big beard.

    And I daresay Braids sounds more like early Animal Collective to me than Yeasayer…but that’s just me.

  3. yeah. i think ian’s vocals are way more enticing than plant’s. however… i couldn’t find any live footage where he sounded decent (admittedly, i didn’t look very long). he did look really stoned, though, so that makes up for it.

    i haven’t listened to much animal collective. the stuff i’ve heard really hasn’t done anything for me. what’s their least annoying album? i’ll give it a shot.

  4. Happy to see that people are still enjoying & promoting David’s fantastic Om Det… album. A huge inspiration for my band, particularly our second album (man I wish we could have flown to Sweden to record it with David.)

    Also released around the same time was TEXT which included David along with former Refused members Jon Brannstrom and Kristofer Steen. That album has an interesting link with Om Det: if you listen to TEXT’s album version of “Sound Is Compressed” (not the 4min edit) you’ll hear the same melody line from the bridge in Nar Hjartat Svider, although it’s sung in English rather than Swedish. Awesome stuff.

    Last nerd point: there’s a documentary about David called Tillflykt which touches on his grandfather who was the central figure in Om Det… I’ve been trying to buy a copy from Sweden to no avail (retailers won’t ship to North America) but I managed to watch it on Youtube. Great post!

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