If I were in charge of college sportz in America . . .

College sports have become totally retardedzzz. Here are some changes I would make . . .

NO scholarships. We pay tuition for these assholes? That’s just nuts. Look, dude; if you want to play some sports at your damn school, then do it, but don’t expect what amounts to FINANCIAL COMPENSATION. It makes no sense that these guys can keep their “amateur” status when they receive thousands of dollars a year in education.

NO recruiting or visitations. If an athlete wants to go to some school, then they should go, but not strictly because they have been recruited by some super-rich head coach. The athletes representing a school should come naturally from that student body and not comprise a bunch of mercenariez.

SALARY CAPS for coaches. $4 million for a football coach!? Has the world gone mad?!?!?


One response to “If I were in charge of college sportz in America . . .

  1. But why shouldn’t they at least get scholarships? The universities make millions of dollars off of these young men and women. And are you going to propose that academic scholarships should be done away with as well? The same argument could be made that some asshole shouldn’t be paid to study mathematics or literature or whatever his/her major is.

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