70 Aspects of Batman: 31


From Wikipedia:

Jae Lee is an American comic book artist best known for his work on Inhumans and The Sentry, both with Paul Jenkins.

Lee first rose to prominence in the industry for his work on Marvel’s Namor the Sub-Mariner, Inhumans (for which he won an Eisner Award), and The Sentry, as well as his creator-owned character Hellshock at Image Comics.

Lee also worked with artist Richard Isanove and writers Robin Furth and Peter David on Marvel ComicsThe Dark Tower comic series, based on Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower novels.

I remember first seeing Jae Lee’s stuff way back in the early 90s, in some of Marvel’s X-books and Namor. His style back then was much more messy and chaotic, but still good. Over the years his art became more refined to the point you see here. I’m not sure if he’s done much, if any interior Batman stuff: most of the pieces here were done as covers for the Batman: Gotham Knights series from a bit back. Even though I really enjoy his stuff, I’ve read little of it over the past 15 years. Oh well, I guess I’ll just resign myself to looking at beautiful pieces like this one:

– Greg

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