70 Aspects of Batman: 29


From Wikipedia:

Frazer Irving (born in the 1970s, Ilford, Essex) is a British comic book artist known for the 2000 AD series Necronauts. Since breaking into the American market he has worked on a number of superhero titles, including a number with Grant Morrison.

I love when artists who seem like they shouldn’t draw superhero comics draw superhero comics: I’d place Frazer Irving in that category. His art seems perfectly suited to atmospheric horror stories, so to see his style applied to Batman and Robin is to see two potent elements combine to make a much more potent whole.

Irving’s first work with Morrison was on Klarion, part of the latter’s Seven Soldiers megaseries. His first Morrison/Batman art appeared in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2, which saw the titular hero recast as a Puritan detective (see above) during his travels through the timestream.

He recently completed work on Morrison’s final arc of the Batman And Robin title he helped initiate. Irving was given ample space to display his gothic art on characters like Professor Pyg…

…Simon Hurt…

…and, of course, The Joker.

This may sound hyperbolic, but I think Irving’s Joker has for me quickly joined the highest echelon of Clown Prince depictions (Brian Bolland’s at #1). He looks so diseased and sinister. Let’s luxuriate in his Joker’s toxic glow:

– Greg

2 responses to “70 Aspects of Batman: 29

  1. So glad you covered Irving, a lot of people I know are not into his stuff. I love it. Fully agreed on the Joker, one of the creepiest and perfect to the story depictions yet. You should do one on Ernie Chan, he was at The Cup O’Kryptonite last week. Great and humble guy. Also,Lee Bermejo is a favorite.

    ps – good show tonite.

  2. miloprometheus

    Thanks Ronnie! You are 70 Aspects of Batman’s biggest advocate. I don’t know how anyone could dislike Frazer Irving’s stuff, but I guess it’s the same reason the Ed Benes and Michael Turners tend to be the most popular artists. What was Ernie Chan doing at Cup? Does he live here? Bermejo is definitely on the list….not that there is a list, I mainly just feature whoever I feel like at the moment. I do know who’s next, and who the last entry will be.

    And thanks a lot for coming to the show! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you or Adam. I’ll have to stop into Cup and/or BPE soon.

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