Fuck Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

So let me get this straight: there are half a billion underfed kids in the world but our big, fat, #1 “charity” case is a bunch of middle aged American ladies that have led comfortable lives that have come down with a case of the breast cancerz?

The absolute worst is all the dumb slogans and laughable claims of being united in sisterhood or being “strong” and “committed”.  What the fuck are you talking about?  Committed to what?  Whining?  Going on pointless fun runs to raise awareness of the already-most-overexposed disease in America?  What does all this awareness even accomplish?

At least it gets NFL players to wear pink wristbands and stuffs.  -Kicknz

2 responses to “Fuck Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

  1. you should use a weight loss calculator

  2. Carlito Simmons

    If you think about the ratio of tits to women in the world–REALLY think about it–we can pretty much lose about HALF of the world’s tits, and still be okay, number of tits we can suckle at one time/number of tit-holders we can (pragmatically) entertain suckling with at once. 100%! It’s striking! TITTIES! Oops! *Boing*!

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