The lamest thing ever: Super Mario All-Stars for Wii

This news is so lame I’m not even going to attach a picture, which I’m told hurts the readability of a media-related blog post.  In Japan, Super Mario Collection (known in the USA as Super Mario All-Stars) is being released for Wii.  Now, if this were a Virtual Console release, that would be pretty dang sweet.  But it ain’t.  It’s a full-on, retail release on an optical disc, selling for ~$30!   Wha—?!?!  There are two reasons why this news is totally lame . . .

Reason 1) $30!!!
On the virtual console, old SNES releases sell for $8. Now, I realize this new release has a few CHEAPO bonus items packaged with it, but I don’t see how those, plus a case and a disc, add up to $22.

Reason 2) LAZY!
Ugh, you know what would have been totally sweet? If Nintendo had actually updated all the graphics and audio, you know, like fucking Super Mario All-Stars was meant to do in the first place? All the games could have had New Super Mario Bros. style presentation. I’m sure some people wouldn’t like that but boo-hoo, it’s not like this approach would erase the older releases from history.

Curse you, Nintendo! Curse you to heck.

One response to “The lamest thing ever: Super Mario All-Stars for Wii

  1. The price is actually 2500 yen, most likely to coincide with the 25th anniversary, and is not that bad considering most new Wii releases are 4000-6000 yen.

    And yes, it’s lazy and just something to make a quick buck off the 25th year, but it’d be more surprising if they didn’t attempt at all to cash in on the anniversary.

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