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“Frantic Prayer” now streamable

The second single by Golden Veins is now streamable on their website: The official release date is 10/12/10.

A Kafkaesque fever dream, “Frantic Prayer” races via sinewy guitars and spacey electronics toward an inevitably tragic ending. The b-side, “Kicking The Tires,” is a rude awakening set to a pulsing beat. It’s disillusionment you can dance to.

This single also comes with two killer remixes, one by Purify, and one by Matt Bad (both of which are streaming on the website), as well as fantastic artwork by Jon Pearson.

And here’s a little something by the band about the A and B sides:

“Frantic Prayer” began life as a bare-bones demo Scott recorded ages ago. He had a cache with a fair amount of riffs and guitar lines that he presented to us, and I think this was the first of that group we worked on. I think the demo just went up to the part right before the ominous middle section, necessitating the writing of the ominous middle section. When we first played this live, we only played the rockin’ parts, so it was only about two minutes.
The melody took a while to write, as it’s a bit of a tricky song. The lyrics are about guilt.

This is an anarchistic protest song which demonizes those in power while at the same time questioning society as a whole. It’s about dishonesty and control – the struggle to see through the former and regain the latter.
This song was first conceived about 6 years ago when I was living in Davis, California. The original demo was just a guitar and vocal, inspired by the large quantities of Billy Bragg that I had been consuming. That mess of an ending was actually rather simple and pretty at one point.


It’s official: Metroid Other M sucks

Yep. I’ve only played about an hour of the game but that was too much. The character designs are very NOW which is bad for a game that takes place in a futuristic society in some other galaxy. Samus’ character is just as ridiculous as you’ve heard. She seriously acts like a brat and none of her soliloquies make any sense. The gameplay is not very smooth and the switching between 3rd and 1st person is awkward. Metroid Prime Hunters was a bit weak and repetitive but it was way better than this thing. It’s so disappointing that this game was overseen by Yoshio Sakamoto. There are very few long-running game series that are totally free of poor entries but Metroid hung in there through nine entries. That all ended August of 2010.

-Matthew Bert Goode

An Idiot Abroad: Episode 1

Having already posted the preview show a couple weeks ago, I’ve decided to continue with the serialization of An Idiot Abroad here at The Sound of the Noising Machine. I’ll be posting new episodes as they appear on Youtube, so check back often. Here’s episode one where Karl goes to China, which should be of special interest due to his well-documented views on the Chinese (he doesn’t think they age well). Wackiness (and xenophobia) ensues:

Episode 2 up later this week, maybe?

– Greg

Noising Machine Videos: 1

Right, new feature!

Noising Machine Videos will be a series I’ll periodically post featuring recent videos (and some classics) and brief write-ups on them from me. To meet the criteria for appearing as part of Noising Machine Videos, a video must

1. Be a good video

2. Be a good song

Sometimes I might think a video is great, but not the song. Or vice versa. So I have to like both. That’s it! So here we go…


Dir: Jamie Hewlett

Gorillaz’ co-founder Jamie Hewlett directs this nautically-inclined clip for the second single from the band’s excellent Plastic Beach record. Features animated appearances from Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys, Snoop Dogg and others.


Dir: Andreas Nilsson

Yeasayer’s videos for their sophomore album Odd Blood have thus far been great, and the latest is no exception. Starring the lovely Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) as an aspiring actress with an unconventional pet, “Madder Rose” deftly mixes surreality and sentimentality.


Dir: Alex Smith

The video for the first single from the Manics’ new album Postcards From A Young Man features actors Michael Sheen (The Queen, 30 Rock) and Anna Friel (Land Of The Lost, Pushing Daisies)  as rival chess champions in this one-take wonder. The band cameo as the judging panel.

– Greg

A Beach Boys confession by Matthew Bert Goode

For many years now, the Beach Boys have been one of my favorite 1960s musical artists. They still are but I must now admit the following: until Pet Sounds they were pretty much a singles band.

Oh boo hoo!


Golden Veins on Iowa’s Finest Music TONIGHT

Tonight from 10-11pm, Golden Veins vocalist and Noising Machine c0-founder, Greg Goode, will be on the online music program Iowa’s finest Music. Hosted by Tito McGee, every Tuesday evening, this program showcases the very best of Iowa’s musical talent.

Since today marks the very first release of Golden Veins’ year long Singles Club project, Tito asked Greg to come on and talk about what inspired this project, as well as his experiences in the Iowa scene and thoughts on music in general.

Tune in at at 10pm to catch what’s sure to be a once in a lifetime interview.

70 Aspects Of Batman: 27


From Wikipedia:

Stephen J. “Steve” Ditko (born November 2, 1927) is an American comic book artist and writer best known as the co-creator of the Marvel Comics heroes Spider-Man & Doctor Strange. Considered a legend by many for his co-creation of some of Marvel’s most iconic characters, Ditko’s post-1960s comics work has had little impact, and by the end of the 1990s he had retired from mainstream publishing. For most of the last few decades, Ditko has maintained a secretive profile, only occasionally self-publishing his Objectivist-inspired comics.

What more can I say about Ditko that I didn’t already here? Well, he drew Batman once, that’s what. As far as I can tell, the only time my favorite Objectivist artist ever drew the Dark Knight Detective was, bizarrely, in the pages of Man-Bat #1, from 1975. An extremely short-lived series (this was the first of only two issues before it was canceled), Man-Bat featured the exploits of Kirk Langstrom, a scientist whose experiments in things led him to become the incredibly-literal titular creature.

The 70s saw Ditko largely acting as a journeyman penciller, drawing varied books for varied publishers while working on his more personal Ayn Rand-inspired work. Hence his work on Man-Bat. Even on work-for-hire like this, Ditko’s quirky style shines through. I love how almost every one of his Batman renderings hides his face in complete shadow apart from his eyes. I don’t think I’ve seen another artist do that before.

Like Jack Kirby, Ditko did a lot of work for DC after leaving Marvel, creating or co-creating characters like The Creeper, Hawk & Dove and Shade, The Changing Man along the way. Also like Kirby, he rarely worked on DC’s most famous icons. So it’s a treat to see his take on Batman, even if it’s just in the form of a few pages in an obscure spin-off

– Greg

The lamest thing ever: Super Mario All-Stars for Wii

This news is so lame I’m not even going to attach a picture, which I’m told hurts the readability of a media-related blog post.  In Japan, Super Mario Collection (known in the USA as Super Mario All-Stars) is being released for Wii.  Now, if this were a Virtual Console release, that would be pretty dang sweet.  But it ain’t.  It’s a full-on, retail release on an optical disc, selling for ~$30!   Wha—?!?!  There are two reasons why this news is totally lame . . .

Reason 1) $30!!!
On the virtual console, old SNES releases sell for $8. Now, I realize this new release has a few CHEAPO bonus items packaged with it, but I don’t see how those, plus a case and a disc, add up to $22.

Reason 2) LAZY!
Ugh, you know what would have been totally sweet? If Nintendo had actually updated all the graphics and audio, you know, like fucking Super Mario All-Stars was meant to do in the first place? All the games could have had New Super Mario Bros. style presentation. I’m sure some people wouldn’t like that but boo-hoo, it’s not like this approach would erase the older releases from history.

Curse you, Nintendo! Curse you to heck.

Golden Veins Interview!

The Iowa based blog, Friends In The Band, recently interviewed Golden Veins about the Singles Club, songwriting, the music industry, records, etc.

Check it out HERE.

An Idiot Abroad Preview

If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of the above troika. The gentlemen to the left and right are, respectively, Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais, the acclaimed co-creators of The Office and Extras, among other projects. The man with a head like a fucking orange in the middle is Karl Pilkington, a Mancunian the duo met while doing a London-based radio show. Ever since, Ricky and Steve have fascinated with Karl’s thoughts on life, sometimes moronic, sometimes naive, always hilarious. Since leaving the radio, they’ve done a series of podcasts together, which were recently set to animation as The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO. The trio’s latest project is An Idiot Abroad, a travel documentary that follows Karl around the world as he encounters the Seven Wonders. As you can see from the preview show below, hilarity ensues:

An Idiot Abroad premieres on Sky 1 in the UK on September 23rd. It premieres for the rest of the world when someone puts it on Rapidshare or Youtube five minutes after it ends in the UK.