70 Aspects Of Batman: 25


From Wikipedia:

Cameron Stewart is an Eisner Award and Eagle Award -nominated and Shuster Award-winning Canadian comic book artist, who has worked for DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics.

Stewart is best known for his work on Catwoman with writer Ed Brubaker, and Seaguy and Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian with writer Grant Morrison.

October 2006 saw the release of The Other Side, a miniseries about the Vietnam war illustrated by Stewart (and written by Jason Aaron), for which he travelled to Vietnam for research. The Other Side was nominated for an Eisner Award in the Best Limited Series category of 2007.

Along with Frank Quitely and Frazier Irving, Cameron Stewart has been one of Grant Morrison’s greatest collaborative foils over the last five years. In addition to their work together on  Seaguy and Manhattan Guardian, Stewart also recently drew an arc in Morrison’s Batman And Robin title. Stewart’s clean but kinetic style fit the three-part story like a glove, which detailed Dick Grayson’s efforts to resurrect Bruce Wayne with the help of Batwoman and The Knight & Squire, England’s answer to the Dynamic Duo.

Stewart also designed the Cowboy Batman that appeared in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4 and was set to illustrate the issue but was replaced, possibly due to the recent announcement that he will be the artist drawing Grant’s final Batman And Robin storyline.

I think Cameron’s a great artist…I highly recommend checking out his blog for more Batman-related stuff and other examples of his work. He’s also the artist and co-writer on the upcoming Assassin’s Creed comic which is coming out soon and may be of interest to some of the readers of this site (Matt).


p.s. Sorry for the long gap between 70 AOB posts. I hope to get them going on a more regular basis. Thanks to everyone who stops by to read them. Meeting someone who actually reads them in person is what inspired me to get back on the horse. Thanks, Ronny!

p.s.s. Did I spell your name right?

3 responses to “70 Aspects Of Batman: 25

  1. actually it’s Ronnie. Thanks again for doing this, it is a lot of fun for me.

  2. Good read. props

  3. miloprometheus

    Thanks for reading guys, a lot more to come!

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