Golden Veins with Waxeater, Skin of Earth, and The Seed of Something

Golden Veins July 5th 2010


July 5th!

At Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, Iowa!

All Ages @ 5pm!


Enough exclamation!



“Golden Veins sound like Sun Ra and Sinead O’Conner, cranked out of their minds on cough syrup and banana peel blunts, beating the stuffing out of Morrissey in a dark alley while humming La Marseilles to themselves” – Adam Senecaut


top five descriptors assigned to us by kids on tour:

5. guitar driven primus (?)
4. Assholes
3. a cross between modest mouse and saetia (??)
2. jangle thrash
1. brutal

Waxeater has been slipping through the trees and strangling the breeze since may 2006. zac was the hound of hell you cry, jeremy was the devil on your back and rob could never die. zac quit while watching angels cry. after a brief search james joined the band in 2007 and knuckle-cracked the bone. from then on it’s been twenty-one to win. custom made aluminum equipment became the rat, feeding on the cat. Waxeater focuses on complicated rhythms and abrasive tones to aid in conquering the worm. They use their metal necks to dig through the ditches and the blended woods of the drum kit to burn through the witches. they live and work in bloomington, indiana where they slam in the back of their dragula.


: after playing… “i dont mean to be rude, but are you guys like a band or something?”


“we don’t quite know what we’re doing but it’s still cool.”

See you there!

And if you do facebook, invite your friends to the event:!/event.php?eid=130656793634310

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