Les Moonves controls the internet.

CBS CEO, Leslie Mooonves, might contol the internet, or at least Google and Wikipedia…which are basically the internet.  This seems minor, BUT Mooonves’s Wikipedia page only lists his current spouse, Julie Chen, in his profile box.  (I thought all pages list past and presnt spouses.)  It kind of gets a little more interesting.  His ex-wife, Nancy Wiesenfeld Moonves, appears to have been completely wiped off of Google.  Seriously, try to Google/Google Image her.  All that will come up are pictures of Julie Chen.  Where are the tabloid reports?   How is someone that was married to the CEO of CBS for over 20 years wiped off of the internet?


7 responses to “Les Moonves controls the internet.

  1. hmm….Nancy Wiesenfeld is listed in his wikipedia article but not the profile as you mentioned. She is also mentioned on webpages when I googled her and on the imdb. I don’t think it’s really a conspiracy

  2. I think I was half asleep when I wrote this article, but I know she’s on the Wikipedia page, but only further down. Did you go to the Googled webpages? They don’t have any information, other than how long she was married. Where are the stories about the scandal? Also, did you Google Image her?

    ps: i need to know this information jk. it still strikes me as a little fishy.

  3. Yeah that’s really creepy. How can he do that? I wonder how many other things they are hiding from us. How many other things they are keeping hidden from the internet. It really makes you think. The internet is not as free as you’d think it’d be.

  4. Yeah I have been looking for a picture of her also and i have not been able to find one.

  5. Also, here’s a picture at an event. Good looking woman!


  6. see lesmoonves.net

    I own lesmoonves.net and have it redirected to an Occupy Wall Street video in China.
    lesmoonves.net is not linking to this Chia video from Florida and
    it appears that my ownership of lesmoonves.net has been stolen; in a way similar to the way that Nazi propaganda minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels used lies during the 1930s.
    my dns redirection

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