Top 10 Dogs

Nope, not dawgs, just dogs.  Plain and simple.  These dogs rule:

10.  Giant Dog!

9.  Fat Dog!

8. Bulldog!

7.  Sleeping Dog!

6.  Old English Sheep Dog!

5.  Alpacas!  Oops, this isn’t a dog, but they win always.

4.  Pug!

3.  Shar Pei!

2.  Puppies!

1.  Champ!

I guess this had nothing to do with it being the end of 2009.   And being partial to a particular breed is kinda sick, but oh well. These dogs still rule.


2 responses to “Top 10 Dogs


    however… i don’t agree with it.

    #1 should be either giant dog, old english sheep dog, or alpacas (next in line being sleeping dog).

  2. I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t able to predict that Champ was #1!

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