25 Vizionz of TMNT #1: Eastman & Laird (REDUX!)

Remember a couple of months ago when I started a series called 25 Visions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ripping off Milo Prometheus’s 75 Visions of The Bat-Man series?  I only completed a couple of entries before I petered out.  The main issue was that I was tired of digging around all over the inter-netz looking for cool skanz to use.  Additionally, I was looking for the most zip-pow images, so I included cover paintings for the most part at the expense of actual sequential, interior art.  Well, now that I’m restarting the series, I will be focusing exclusively on interior art cuz that’s whut komix is all about!

PS – I’m restarting the series because I downloaded a ton of TMNT comics at comicsworld.wordpress.com so it’s no longer a pain in the ass to find scans.  Amen.  Without further ado . . .

Eastman & Laird are best known for . . . TMNT, which they created.

TMNT #10 (1987) art by Eastman/Laird

TMNT #6 colorized version (1986) art by Eastman/Laird

TMNT #14 (1988) pencils by Eastman/inks by Eric Talbot

TMNT #50 (1992) art by Eastman/Laird

TMNT #8 (1986) art by Eastman/Laird

Eastman and/or Laird were the primary artists on the following TMNT comics:
TMNT 1-7, 9-12, 14, 15, 50
Leonardo 1
Donatello 1
Michealangelo 1
Raphael 1

They also illustrated many short stories and provided inks (sometimes very heavy-handedly) on many other TMNT comics.

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