Comic Book Greats: Rob Liefeld

HEY GUYS! Know who’s a comic book great?! That’s right!






Because this video says so:







Just to let you know, I don’t hate Rob Liefeld or anything. He seems like a nice enough guy with genuine enthusiasm for comics. But comic book great? Because X-Force #1 sold 5 million copies??? I think that has more to do with the polybagged trading cards than with anything else. But watch these videos, and enjoy the awkward repartee between Liefeld and Stan “The Man” Lee.



Thanks to The Comic Alliance.

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2 responses to “Comic Book Greats: Rob Liefeld

  1. I’ve only watched the first two but I’m amused. First, he refers to a bunch of characters in the following manner, “Well, I drew this character called Black Panther,” seemingly not even realizing that the person across the table from him co-created the character.

    Then he talks about how difficult it is to draw 22 pages a month, once again to a person that worked with artists who drew up to twice that many pages a month.

    THEN he says that the titles that sell the best do so because of the effort that’s put into them. Really, Rob? So, X-Men and Spider-Man seemingly ALWAYS benefit from the top effort while indie titles apparently lack that?

    Of course, he’s only 23 in this interview and it’s all due to naivete and ignorance rather than malice.

    Finally, I was very amused when Stan makes a comment that producing 12 comics a year is like producing 12 feature films a year. wtf? Not even close. A more accurate analogy is that a typical comic issue is similar to an episode of a TV show, but that doesn’t seem as impressive.

    I’m not surprised that Stan makes this comment as so many of the 1960s Marvel comics say things like, “book-length story!” or “movie-length story!”

    Maybe I’ll have more comments after finishing the videos.

  2. haha…check part 5. I’m sure Spike Lee enjoyed working with some goofy-ass white kid from California.

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