Early Jim Henson Work

Last night, somehow the topic of the Yip Yip’s from Sesame Street came up while Scott, Natalie and I were having dinner. Naturally, this led to us watching several Yip Yip skits. Next was Bert and Ernie. Then came Statler and Waldorf.  Following this, I came across some commercials from the 60’s that Henson created.

What you get is a seemingly early incarnation of Kermit inflicting some seriously over-the-top violence upon a pear-shaped muppet that sounds similar to Rowlf.  I’m amazed at the level of violence that Henson was able to get away with, even if they were only muppets.

Naturally, the commercials were a huge success. Henson himself theorized, “Till then, [advertising] agencies believed that the hard sell was the only way to get their message over on television. We took a very different approach. We tried to sell things by making people laugh.” And it worked.


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