Reading Rainbow: The Final Chapter

Yes, it’s official as Ryan first told me.  Reading Rainbow aired it’s final episode Friday.  It was something that always was in the background of my life, having first aired in 1983.  I even remember watching my first episode “Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain” and how my mother was abuzz about some new show on PBS we were going to watch. Then summer after summer during the 80’s, anxiously waiting to watch new episodes.  Strangely in the late 90’s, RR became sort of an obsession for me.  Slowly, I tried to add a complete list of guest narrators  to the Reading Rainbow entry at the Internet Movie Database.  I would gather info from the internet or happen to catch an episode and then write down the name of the narrator, episode, and year of the original airing.  Then in 2006, when I opened my first account on youtube,  I posted probably 20 or more clips from the show after getting my hands on some tapes from my parents. Both are teachers and had used Reading Rainbow in their classrooms for many years. So here’s a big salute to you RR, and as Levar would say at the end of each episode “I’ll see you next time!”

Below are just two of my favorite Reading Rainbow moments, both from my newer youtube account.


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2 responses to “Reading Rainbow: The Final Chapter

  1. Didn’t they only make a few episodes a year or every couple of years for the last decade or so? I’m not sure I understand this show ending. There are always new books coming out, after all. Now the existing episodes will continue to be shown over and over while new books don’t benefit from the RR treatment. That sucks!

    Thinking back on my childhood, RR probably struck the best balance between entertainment and education and there was definitely a feeling of magic. My favorite scene ever took place in a restaurant where goat people ate their napkins and plates. wtf

    Tony, maybe you should assassinate Levar Burton now.

  2. Yeah, I remember thinking that we were cool since we had the insider track, courtesy of mom and dad, on when the new episodes were airing and whatnot. What a dumb kid I was.

    I think my favorite book that they read was the canoe trip one, where they said “and we drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove” for like an hour.

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