BioShock, BurgerTime, InterCaps, Prince of Persia, National Game Registry

So NGR basically slowed to a crawl over the summer but I feel the JUICE now.  Maybe because summer almost over (from school perspective).  Lately, there are 2 games that seem to enter my mind for point of reference when it comes to judging the quality of the games I’m evaluating.  The first is Burgertime (in particular, the original arcade version and the ColecoVision version).  I’ve come to think of this as the standard-bearer for ‘golden era’ arcade games.  On the other end, I’ve been playing the recent multi-platform release BioShock a first -person shooter with a horror feel set in a 1950s sci-fi city at the bottom of the ocean.  It was critically beloved and sold pretty well, too.  So lately when I’ve been playing old games I think to myself, “Is this anywhere near as good as Burgertime?” and “Was this as awesome in its day as BioShock is today (based on the little time I’ve spent with it so far)?”

MONTHS ago I wrote a post congratulating myself on 50 National Game Registry entries.  However, since that time I’ve reevaluated several games and DISMISSED them.  Even with the games I’ve added over the summer I’m only at 53!  Oh, well, this is how it should be – there shouldn’t be a LOT of “all-time great games”.  I imagine over time more of the current inductees will be dismissed from the Registry but only time will tellz!

PS – I recently played the 2004 game, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, for PS2/Xbox/GameCube.  What a piece of shit.  Ubisoft decided the previous game didn’t sell well enough so they reused the game engine but slapped on ‘gritty’ graphics, gave the Prince a new ‘badass’ voice, threw in a lot of scantily-clad babes, increased the violence in pointless ways, and added bad metal music, including GODSMACK songs.  This alone would have ruined the game, but the piles and piles of backtracking that serves no other point than to extend the length of game plus a HOST of glitches that sometimes freeze the game, make for a true pile of shit.  The worst thing is that the fucking critics gave it an average score of 8.4.  Man.  If anyone needs proof that the game reviewing industry is corrupt, look no further than that example.

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