Aspects of TMNT #2: Jim Lawson

TMNT #20 (1989, inks by Eric Talbot)     &     TMNT #28 (1990)

Jim Lawson has been a Mirage Studios staff artist since 1986.  He’s completely unknown outside of the TMNT community but he is far and away the most prolific illustrator of TMNT comics, pencilling over 100 full-length TMNT comics plus several short stories and even a year of the TMNT newspaper comic strip.  Lawson’s style has evolved a lot over the years, going from round and chunky to lean and angular.  His most famous creation is probably the enigmatic Rat King.  PS – He’s my favorite comic artist.

TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)     &     TMNT Adventures #9 (1990)

TMNT Adventures #11 (1990)     &     TMNT Volume 2 #12 (1995)

Tales of the TMNT Volume 2 #9 (2005)     &     Michelangelo: The Third King #3 (2008)

Tales of the TMNT #60 (2009)

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