The Death of John Hughes


As most everyone has probably heard by now, John Hughes died yesterday morning of heart attack.  I was listening to NPR while driving home from work yesterday and they were discussing the films of John Hughes. I found this strange as Hughes as he had been, though occasionally screenwriting, essentially under the radar. Hoping this meant he might be getting back into directing, I found out at the end of the piece instead of his death. Now, by now means would I say that I’m a huge Hughes fan. In fact, I have probably only seen half of his stuff, but what I have seen, I have enjoyed. Still, having heard his death, I found myself feeling slightly sad. Perhaps sad doesn’t quite describe it, but wistful.  And I always find myself with this feeling when artists/musicans/creative-types pass away. Not so much because they’re dead and gone, but more because they will never create anything again. For example, with Michael Jackson even though “Invincible” was terrible and news of recent collaborations with and akon  would probably be even worse, I still get a little sad that he’ll never produce anything again. And I’ve always been like that. People that I’m a fan of, but haven’t put out anything “good” in quite some time, I still hold out hope that their next project will be good. I realize how naive that sounds, but it’s true. Perhaps part of this is that it’s a reminder for me, not of my own mortality, but more of the limited window I have to be creative.

Anyway, I came across this eulogy for John Hughes that is unique in that it’s from woman whom was penpals with Hughes for several years while she was a teenager. Definitely worth the read.


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One response to “The Death of John Hughes

  1. zeusiswatching

    I enjoyed The Breakfast Club. This was a wonderful film and I still encourage people to rent this movie.

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