“Let’s Rock Again”

let me tell you about this movie i just watched. it’s called “let’s rock again”. it’s a documentary following joe strummer and the mescaleros as they tour behind their album, “global a go-go” (fabulous record, by the way).

i dunno. maybe it’s because the clash are one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS, joe strummer being one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE ARTISTS, but i found this little documentary to be FABULOUS. dick rude (who co-wrote “straight to hell”) compiles concert and behind the scenes footage with interviews and random thoughts from strummer. if you’ve ever watched a tour video before, you’ll pretty much understand what you’re going to see here, but what i felt sets this one apart from the rest is watching the old rocker WORK. it’s not the usual story of excess and wackiness. he mentions, in one of the interviews, that the last album (rock art and the x-ray style) didn’t break even, and he’s afraid that if they don’t do it with this record, that they’ll have to call it quits. you watch as they travel the world trying to make ends meet…

going to radio stations and begging to get the album played and the show promoted:

joe trying to get into a radio station.

calling a station: “i used to be in the clash so… it’s kinda rock music…”

standing outside, handing out fliers to people who aren’t interested…

“when you hustle, you gotta have a hard shell”

etc. etc. etc.

in conclusion, the film will inspire anyone who’s trying to share their music or art with the world. i mean… this guy was in THE CLASH and even HE has to struggle and work hard to convince people to care. well… i guess it could also crush your spirits, depending on your disposition…



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2 responses to ““Let’s Rock Again”

  1. Nice post – It’s a great film that leaves you inspired and a bit brassed off that Joe was working so hard to get the deserved respect.

    So glad the film got made ~ will link your post via my blog if that’s cool?


  2. thanks! we’d love a link from your blog. it’s a nice blog. love the audio section especially!

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