King of NES

Errrmember those Top Ten game lists I made for various systems in the Spring of last year? Yeah, those lists sucked and some of them even surprisingly earned the scorn of hundreds of anonymous visitors. The truth is that even though I’ve nerded my way through many video games, there are really no particular systems on which I’ve finished enough games to really be an expert regarding that system’s library. So, the resulting Top Ten lists were somewhat shallow and featured a lot of expected entries.

Well, I decided about a month ago to become an expert on the NES library. This is no small feat as the library is pretty huge but I’m a trooper, goddammit! This doesn’t mean I have to play through every game or anything stupid like that. It doesn’t even mean I have to play every game at all. It just means I’m trying to determine exactly which games qualify as good NES games.

My efforts over the last month have been very Capcom specific. I played through Mega Man 1 through 6, Ducktales 1 & 2, and Gargoyle’s Quest II. I also took a shot at Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Darkwing Duck, Little Nemo: The Dream Master and Destiny of an Emperor but I decided they just weren’t that great.

I’ve also been playing Earthbound (Zero) which has had its ups and downs. Sometimes I really get into it but the escalation in enemy power is really steep from one part to the next, which results in some tedious grinding. When I become a real NES master, I’ll make a new list, maybe a Top Ten, Top Five, or just ‘Great Games’, and then the world will shake! Oh, and I’m sorry, Scott, but I still just can’t get into Blaster Master.

2 responses to “King of NES

  1. that’s crazy, man. blaster master is tite.

  2. Matt, I’m actually really excited about this. I’m curious to see what becomes of this.

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