New (short) series: Capcom Fanboy

I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy since I was a kid. Nintendo has been far and away my favorite developer and publisher my whole life. They have a few always-reliable series like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Mario Kart and it seems with every generation they’ve been able to come up with a good new concept or two. However, over the last few years the shrowd of fanboyhood has slowly been lifted due to a few factors:

1) lots and lots of shitty sequels and spin-offs in recent years
2) no GOOD new ideas since Pikmin, released way back in 2001
3) I’ve become exposed to a much wider array of games from various publishers

I still think that Nintendo is great overall but I recently realized that Capcom has perhaps caught up with Nintendo in my esteem. Capcom was basically born with the NES and they rose to power together. I used to see Capcom as a company that milks good ideas to death and while this is definitely true in many cases, I’ve come to realize the other side of Capcom – the really experimental side that creates one-off games that become cult hits but nobody is smart enough to buy.

Perhaps these unprofitable experimental games are the reason why Capcom has to suck every drop of milk out of their more famous franchises.   I’ve really only scratched the surface so far and there are many Capcom games I’m excited to play.  I’ll be listing and commenting on these games in a short Capcom Fanboy series that explores Capcom’s successful efforts from each generation.

Stay tuned for more!

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