70 Aspects Of Batman: 9



From Wikipedia:

Quitely was born Vincent Deighan in 1968.[6] He first worked upon the Scottish underground comics title Electric Soup in 1990. He wrote and drew The Greens, a parody of The Broons strip published by D.C Thompson. It was in working on this book that he adopted the pseudonym of Frank Quitely (a spoonerism of “quite frankly”), as he didn’t want his family to know it was his work, worried that they may have found it upsetting.[7] He lives in Glasgow, Scotland.[6]


Quitely’s first American comics work was in various installments of Paradox PressBig Book series; his first Batman work was Batman: Scottish Connection, a one-shot written by fellow Scot Alan Grant that had something to due with Bruce Wayne’s Scottish ancestry. Or something. I haven’t read it. But if I found it, I’d buy it!


After teaming with another fellow Scot (Grant Morrison) on the Doom Patrol miniseries Flex Mentallo, the two teamed up for the one-shot JLA: Earth 2, which reintroduced The Crime Syndicate, an evil parallel version of the Justice League to the post-Crisis landscape. Morrison and Quitely next worked on the early 2000s relaunch of Marvel’s mutant franchise in the pages of New X-Men, and returned to DC/Vertigo first with the great We3 miniseries and next with the universally acclaimed All-Star Superman title. After tackling Superman, the next logical characters for the duo to take over….


…were these guys. Due to various things, Bruce Wayne is thought to be dead by the denizens of the DC Universe. Thus, former Robin and Nightwing Dick Grayson has donned the cowl, while the role of the Boy Wonder has been taken over by Damian Wayne, the child borne from an illicit liasion between Bruce and Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s. Only one issue of B & R has come out so far, and of course it’s excellent. I’m biased. These two are like the comic equivalent of The Smiths for me, they can do no wrong. Here’s some artwork from upcoming issues:

Batman and Robin Cv3




So, Frank Quitely. Probably my all-around favorite comic artist working right now. And he’s drawing my favorite superhero, written by my favorite monthly writer.



Pretty pretty pretty good.


2 responses to “70 Aspects Of Batman: 9

  1. Richard Grayson

    Amazing i love the new batman! please don’t bring bruce wayne back as batman! x

  2. The only artist so far to make Dick’s bat belt look cool. I cant wait for him to get back on the series!

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