it seems CAPCOM has killed BIONIC COMMANDO

So, as you probably know, Capcom decided to reboot their Bionic Commando series last year beginning with last year’s Bionic Commando Rearmed, a download game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC that cost between $10 and $15, receiving excellent reviews and great sales.  The game was developed by GRIN, the team that was also commissioned to make the full-on next generation BC game.

I didn’t follow the previews for this game very closely but I was kind of assuming it would be good in spite of ‘updated’, dreadlock look that Radd (or whatever his name is) was given.  And then it finally came out this month and it’s not pretty.  The average score is about 7 (out of 10) which is just what it sounds like: a C-.  Who wants to play a C-? The gameplay is basically like a generic 3rd person shooter but with a claw arm.  Capcom also hurt their cause with a TERRIBLE fucking downloadable demo that ONLY lets you play multiplayer.  No platforming or swinging areas, basically just a generic multiplayer shooter map.  Jesus Christ.

Industry reports say the game has only sold 27,000 units, which is really low for a high profile game.  Sad, sad.

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