I’m really getting tired of the misuse of the word “remix”. It’s totally rampant now, to the point that I guess it’s definition will perhaps be changed through ignorance.

A real remix consists of taking an existing recording and changing the fucking mix in some manner! That’s it. It could be as simple as changing the levels of the various instruments used in the recording or, as appears on many singles, some elements of the original recording might be dropped and replaced with totally new elements. It seems that the hip hop world thinks “remix” equals “keep the rapping and replace everything else” but a remix doesn’t HAVE to be as drastic as that.

The biggest misuse of “remix” occurs when someone basically makes a new version of some song or piece, usually in some sort of techno or electronic style, without featuring ANY FUCKING ELEMENTS from the original recording or mix. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING REMIX. This is a fucking cover! Or a remake! Or a re-recording. Whatever, but it is not a goddamn, motherfucking remix.

-Matthew Bert Goode

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