National Game Registry 1982: Zoo Keeper

original platform
Taito America
key personnel
John Morgan (design/program)
Keith Egging (concept)
Tom Fosha (music)

In spite of the title, Zoo Keeper stars a man whose only apparent skill is building brick enclosures with his feet. His lack of zookeeping skills seems to have infuriated the zoo’s animals, which constantly bash away at the walls until they escape and then, rather than flee, run laps around the perimeter of the enclosure. The premise is so preposterous that the game really has no choice but to be excellent. The zookeeper’s main objective is simply to survive while his second objective is to keep as many animals in captivity as possible. Interestingly, all of the animals are the same size and even the elephants are a little smaller than our hero. Other stages feature platforming action with coconut-tossing monkeys, escalators and electrified cages. Given the insane premise, one may be surprised to learn that Zoo Keeper was developed not in Japan but Illinois.

Zoo Keeper was inducted on May 25th, 2009.

Return to the National Game Registry to view more inductees.

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