NGR status plus more about Metroid

NGR will return very soon. I’ve basically just been very busy with the evaluation part. I decided to do arcade games for awhile because they’re shallow and easy to evaluate but what I wasn’t counting on were the many conversions of some games. As an extreme example, Street Fighter II has like 20 ports out there. However, I should be wrapping up the ports evaluations soon and articles will resume. I told Scott I would resume writing this week but maybe I should wait until Monday and avoid the week-end.

More details have emerged on the new Metroid game, and it’s all good. Contrary to what I wrote earlier, it’s not just Team Ninja that’s developing the game. What’s actually happening is something like this: the internal Nintendo team that developed Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission is designing the game but they don’t really have any experience working in 3D so Team Ninja was recruited to execute the design. Their influence seems to have made the game more oriented toward frantic action than previous games but Nintendo promises that adventure elements are still an emphasis. A third company called D-Rockets is working exclusively on cinematic story sequences, which will apparently be plentiful. The best news of all is that Yoshio Sakamato, the director and/or producer of Metroid, Super Metroid, and the previously mentioned 2D games is in charge of the whole thing.

So this is officially the Nintendo game I’m most excited about from this year’s E3. Even though it’s an old series it’s being approached in a very different way, just like Metroid Prime showed us a new style of Metroid game back in 2002. Meanwhile, we haven’t seen any real innovation in the Mario or Zelda series since the 90s. Wah!

3 responses to “NGR status plus more about Metroid

  1. I was about to say, “What about Mario 64 and TLZ: Ocarina of Time?!?” Then I realized those came out nearly 13 and 11 years ago. aka..the 90’s! Christ! That’s pretty pathetic. And makes us kind of old!

  2. this is all acceptable

  3. Less then one year until it’s the 2010’s

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