Amerikan comic publishrs is tsupid

Okay. I’ve said this before and by the grace of Satan I’ll say it before: why is American comic book publishers so dumb and why have they STILL not adopted the Japanese manga publishing format? In case you don’t know, manga is released in big-ass telephone book sized anthologies over in Japanz. They’re stocked in newstands and all over the damn place. Popular manga publications sell millions of copies and feature all the hot, piece of shit anime, video game, toy, whatever properties. They’re printed on shitty paper to cram in as much stuff as they can. There are lots of ads, usually BETWEEN the various stories. I mean TONS of fucking ads. Ads means money.

So let’s say Marvel wanted to give this shit a shot. They’d throw together a book with stories starring all of their biggest properties, slap a bunch of headshots on the cover, solicit every company they can find that markets to males between 5 and 35 and put that shit on the stands at a low, low price. I’m talking 200 pages for $5. I guess Marvel and DC are too fucking stupid to realize this, but it ain’t like the old days. In the 80s I could grab a 22 page comic book printed on shitty paper from the magazine rack at the grocery store priced at 75 fucking cents, show it to my grandma, and there was a good chance she would buy it for me. Now the pieces of crap are $3, still only 22 pages, but now on deluxe paper. When a kid runs up to their parent with this horrible value they are quickly slapped in the face.

So put out anthologies, in black & white, on shitty paper, chock full of ads, at a reasonable price. Use stories that are six months old – the dumb kid at the supermarket won’t know the difference because he’s not a 30 year old guy that hangs out at comic shops. By reprinting older stories you can avoid pissing off the comic shops and you wouldn’t even have any new material costs to go against your budget. Your only expense would be compiling the stories and printing the books.

God, why you so stupid?

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