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“2009 Games I’m Looking Forward To” Follow-up

At the beginning of the year I wrote about some then-forthcoming games that I was looking forward to.  Most of the games on the list have now been released.  I’ve only played a couple of the games and won’t play the others until they’re much cheaper but here’s what the critics think of them (courtesy of aggregate scorer  As you can see, some seem to have turned out quite nicely while some appear to be disappointments.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (Rockstar)
DS: 93%

Street Fighter IV (Capcom)
Xbox 360/PlayStation 3: 93%

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned (Rockstar) *downloadable expansion*
Xbox 360: 90%

Punch-Out!! (Nintendo)
Wii: 88%

Resident Evil 5 (Capcom, Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)
Xbox 360 score: 86 (59 ratings)
PlayStation 3 score: 87 (52 ratings)

Madworld (SEGA)
Wii: 83%

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Atari)
Xbox 360/PlayStation/PC version: 78%
Wii/PlayStation 2 version: 72%
DS version: 56%

Bionic Commando (Capcom)
Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC: 73%

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (EA)
Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC version: 55%
DS version: 53%

Conclusion: Well, LOTR, Ghostbusters and Bionic Commando look like stinkers, especially when you consider the nerd reviewers probably gave them free points for nostalgia or fanboy reasons.  I’m most intrigued by Madworld as the scores are really love-it or hate-it, much like God Hand, created by the same development team.  The End.

National Game Registry 1985: Ghosts ‘n Goblins

aka Makaimura
original platform
key personnel
Tokuro Fujiwara (design)
Ayako Mori (music)

After his beloved is kidnapped by Lucifer himself, the hero Arthur embarks on the original super-difficult, side-scrolling, platformer-shooter. His enemies are merciless and many of the platforming challenges he faces are only slightly kinder. Armed with seemingly inexhaustible projectile weapons supplies, Arthur cuts through the underworld hordes only to learn at the ‘end’ of the game that the preceding events were merely a dream and that he must repeat the whole adventure to truly free his one-and-only. At times the challenging action is nothing short of cheap but the devilish designs, level varieties, haunting score, and an addictive quality pull the experience together.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins was inducted on June 10th, 2009.

Return to the National Game Registry to view more inductees.

Ian Brown – Michael Jackson Covers

so we’ve already got the belle and sebastian billie jean cover and the chris cornell billie jean cover

now here’s ian brown’s version of billie jean…

and here’s his take on thriller…

ian brown hobbit
is it just me, or does ian brown kind of look like a hobbit with a mullet?

i think i’m spent for now. if anybody knows of any other good michael jackson covers, let me know!


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Chris Cornell – Billie Jean

after posting the belle and sebastian billie jean cover, i decided to try and find michael jackson covers by other interesting artists.

here’s chris cornell’s version of billie jean…


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Belle And Sebastian – Billie Jean

came across this on The Music Slut

Belle And Sebastian covering “Billie Jean”…


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Beati Paoli/Aeon Grey 7″ split

On Friday, June 19th, the release party for the mildly anticipated 7″ split between TNM’s Beati Paoi and Central Standard Record’s Aeon Grey occurred. It was a good time and all parties whom played (Skylar Johnson, Gaiden Gadema, Waxeater) were awesome.  Especially Waxeater. Those guys played an intense set.

But, again, the reason for the show was the art01-CharmPointcelebration/release of the split.

If you missed it , you missed a good time. However, you did not miss your opportunity to pick it up.  You can purchase it online  here (on right side of the page),  as well as from ZZZ records in Des Moines, with more locations to come.

In addition to the split, a digital album entitled Quid Pro Quo is included to download. 14 tracks in all, it contains  both new originals and remixes by Beati and Aeon.   Check out a few tracks from the QPQ album  below…as well as Beati Paoli covering “Lose My Breath” by My Bloody Valentine.

“Disturbance” – Beati Paoli

“Detonated City” – Aeon Grey

“Lose My Breath (My Bloody Valentine cover) – Beati Paoli

Lose My Breath (My Bloody Valentine Cover) *right click to download*

Click here to listen to “Massive Charm Offensive,” from a post from a few weeks back.