Today I randomly remembered that I used to like Ben Folds Five.  Perhaps hoping for something to defend, I just listened to the 30 second samples from the album ‘Whatever and Ever Amen’ on Amazon and I found nothing to defend.  In the past, I have definitely been guilty of liking bands that use instrumentation uncommon in rock music.  Did I just like BFF because there was no guitar and they used piano and the bass was often fuzzed out?  I don’t know, perhaps.  But the singing is terrible, the songwriting really cheesy and worthy of an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical but less melodramatic (except “Brick”, which is very melodramatic).

I know there are other bands I once liked 100 years ago but have grown out of but I’m having trouble thinking of the examples.  Did I block them from memory?  I don’t have any Motley Crue albums anymore but I probably still like them as a guilty pleasure.  I don’t love Primus like I used to but I do still like them at least.

Oh, duh!  Mannheim Steamroller!  I think the MAIN reason I liked them was for the instrumentation.  I was dragged to one of their concerts when I was 14 and they were using electric violin and electronic drums and harpsichords and stuff.  It was YEARS before I realized the music was really cheesy and the compositions not even very interesting.  Too bad I bought most of their albums.  God.

Oh!  I used to have a Green Day CD!  And a Hole CD!  And lots of grunge CDs by artists that I don’t hate but don’t really have an interest in now, ie I was once a big fan of Pearl Jam (back in 1992).

Has any of you grown out of an artist?  Maybe even one you hate now?

2 responses to “Yuh

  1. MiloPrometheus

    Yeah, there is some music I’ve grown out of, but the biggest example of an “artist” I grew out of is Kevin Smith, I think. I used to love his stuff to the point of devotion, but now I find him to be incredibly annoying, hackneyed and self-indulgent. I still like his first couple movies, though, but that may admittedly have more to do with nostalgia.

  2. You should tell Allison. Not that I’ve seen it recently but ‘Mallrats’ probably holds up the best, perhaps because has some of the charm of the 90s teen comedies that it seems to me to be a parody of.

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