Old, old recordings

If you’re ever interested in listening to really old recordings, as in the wax cylinders, tinfoil discs, and the early phonographs, then look no further than Tinfoil. One of the best things about this site is that they don’t just throw up every old-ass record they can find. Rather, the performances and the recordings are all very strong. Consider that recordings of this era were made without the benefit of microphones, overdubs or even a MIXING process. Today some audiophiles debate the merits of of analog vs digital recording but back then there waren’t any electronic components so analog/digital wasn’t even an issue. That’s what makes it even more surprising when many of these recordings actually turn out to be of really high quality (partially due to some digital noise reduction, I’m sure). Basically, mixing consisted of placing the singer or lead instrumentalist closer to the recording bell than the accompaniment and the rest was up to the musicians. Seriously, if you’re interested in recording or music history you should check out this site at some point or my name isn’t Earl Weaver.

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