Pepsi Throwback

I don’t even like Pepsi, but I like gimmicks and sugar, so I tried the new Pepsi products upon mass market release. In March of this year, Pepsi began selling Pepsi Throwback and Mt. Dew Throwback, both of the products using real sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. For a non-Pepsi drinker, I thought there isn’t much difference in taste between the old and the new (I’m not exactly sure which is which, with all this throwback coming back business.), and the only main difference I noticed was the decrease in the amount of carbonation. I don’t feel as guilty drinking pop with real sugar, but I couldn’t tell you the exact reason as to why HFCS is so much worse than real sugar, other than the fact that real sugar is a lot simpler to understand. Anyway, my conclusion on the pops: they’re cool, I guess.

Side note: At the same time, Pepsi released Pepsi Natural to select markets, but I’m yet to see a bottle on the shelf here…

Pepsi Throwback website




5 responses to “Pepsi Throwback

  1. Is that an acronym for something?

  2. Yes.

    It Doesn’t. It’s Only Throwback…..for me.

  3. M.O.R.O.N. el oh el

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