Flexi disc memories

In my Faith No More post I casually mentioned ‘flexi discs’.  Do you remember flexi discs?  And don’t say they were before your time, Allison.

Flexi discs are basically records on really thin sheets of vinyl, usually packaged in a book or magazine.  When I was a toddler, we had a flexi disc of whales singing.  It turns out that was a really widely distributed record that was included in an issue of National Geographic.  Also, my “classes” in Vacation Bible School often used flexi-discs that I assume came with the books.  Fast forwarding several years to the late 90s, at least one issue of Grand Royal came with a flexi disc of the Beastie Boys and Biz Markie performing Elton John’s Benny and the Jets, which was later collected on their anthology.

Remember records?  lol

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