ANOTHER Faith No More Greatest Hits album

First, let it be known that Faith No More has nothing to do with these collections, save for the first one released back in 1998. You can blame Warner Bros. and Rhino Records for the tragic fact that, as of this year, there will be SIX Faith No More greatest hits albums. They only had six studio albums to begin with! Argh!

The first Faith No More greatest hits comp, Who Cares A Lot?, had some input from the band and consisted of 2 discs. The first disc contained a well-reasoned ‘best of’ listing but the real attraction for fans was the 2nd disc which featured several unreleased tracks. It was like a brand new mini-album. Even though the 2nd disc was advertised as a “bonus disc” right on the fucking packaging, many retailers sold the collection at a double album price.

Between 2003 and 2006, Warner/Rhino released THREE more comps, all single disc. Only This Is It contains anything of note; “The Perfect Crime” from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and a live version of “As the Worm Turns” previously available only on the video version of Live at the Brixton Academy.  In 2008 Rhino released another comp, The Works, spanning three discs!  Incredibly, the collection contains regular old album tracks almost exclusively.  WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS GODDAMN RELEASE?

Which brings us to 2009.  With the announcement of Faith No More’s reunion tour we will soon be presented with the admittedly, humorously titled The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection.  The first disc consists of the usual hits and album tracks.  There’s a second disc which Rhino naturally fucked up but it’s at least semi-interesting.  It only has ten tracks, and FOUR of them are repeats from the 2nd Who Cares A Lot? disc.  Then there are four b-side tracks that had never been collected on an album release.  But most interestingly are two really rare tracks the 1980s that were only available on flexi-discs inserted in magazines.  I don’t know if I’ll buy this insulting collection but at least there will now be high quality versions of these 2 super rare tracks floating around on the internets.

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