Stuck on Repeat: Track 1 – “Loss of God” by Wolves in the Attic

With the introduction of Greg’s second regular feature, ” 70 Aspects of Batman,” it suddenly occurred to me that I was rapidly becoming the least productive member of Beati Paoli on this blog.  Lord knows that’s one title I do not want, so I have quickly produced this new column from out of nowhere.   I call it  “Stuck on Repeat.” It’s a fairly simple concept. I post a song that has recently been getting repeated play on my ipod/itunes/whatever and then I briefly write about it. Easy peasy.


“Loss of God” by Wolves in the Attic, taken from Electronic Hearts (2009 – Mission Freak)

[Full disclosure: I’ve been practicing a bit with these guys as I will be a fill-in bassist for a few weeks this summer.]  “Loss of God,” encompasses everything that I dig about the band and I suppose solid rock music .  Plenty of  fuzz, riffs/lead lines shooting off in every direciton, and group HEY!’s.  Oh yeah and check out the ol’ stop-short (one of my favorite moves in song writing) at the 2:10 mark which nicely sets the stage for everything to come back in and eventually leads to the previously mentioned fuzz, riffs, and HEY!’s.

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3 responses to “Stuck on Repeat: Track 1 – “Loss of God” by Wolves in the Attic

  1. This song plagiarizes ‘Hurricane Shanty’. EL OH EL

  2. Matt, did you know the bass player in Wolves is your old college pal, Justin Niceswanger?

  3. And you’re filling in for him on tour? Is he pregnant?

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