National Game Registry 1983: Discs of Tron

original platform
key personnel
Robert Dinnerman

Discs of Tron is an early attempt at an immersive game experience, featuring a walk-in space filled with black lights, a pale glow, and surround sound.  The game itself presents a pseudo-3D playing field with a sinister landscape background.  Tron’s job is to eliminate his enemies, one at a time, in disc-based gladiatorial combat.  Tron aims his shots using an aiming reticule that spans the entire room in a 360 degree rotation.  He can release up to three discs at a time, using them to attack or to defend against enemy attacks.  Tron soon finds himself at a disadvantage as progressive rivals possess more several attacks beyond simple discs.

Discs of Tron was inducted on April 29th, 2009.

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One response to “National Game Registry 1983: Discs of Tron

  1. Is it just me or do the graphics look awesome?

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