National Game Registry 1983: Mario Bros.

original platform
key personnel
Shigeru Miyamoto

After playing the hero in Donkey Kong and the villain in Donkey Kong Jr., Nintendo offered Mario the chance to star in his own game.  Bringing his palette-swapped brother Luigi along, Mario descends into the sewers to eliminate various creatures whose crimes are as yet unknown.  Direct contact with these creatures – the turtle-like Shellcreeper, the insectoid Fighter Fly, and the crabby Sidestepper – is fatal so Mario and Luigi do what comes naturally to them; that is, they position themselves beneath the vermin and pound the ground beneath, stunning the creatures and softening them for a swift kick into the murky waters below.  Elements like Luigi, turtle enemies, and the proliferation of pipes, set the stage for the future of the Mario series.

Mario Bros. was inducted on April 22nd, 2009.

Return to the National Game Registry to view more inductees.

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