IE8: World’s Best Browser

It’s been over a month since Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 was released on March 19th of this year and after testing it at work for awhile, I have deemed it the best internet browser thus far. And here’s why:

  1. Accelerators: I love them. This is ingenious. Accelerators simplify searches by removing the now laborious task of cutting and pasting information. With accelerators, you only need to highlight the text and then choose the accelerator that you want to use, such as Google or Live Maps. picture-3
  2. Enhanced Navigation: Poorly designed websites are magically aligned with the click of a button to enable better viewing.
  3. Grouped Tabbed Browsing (GTB): It seems that lesser internet browsers are still boasting tabbed browsing, or, at the most, movable tabs, but IE 8 has GTB. Tabs that are opened from other pages are automatically color coded and can easily be moved, removed from group, closed from group, etc. One drawback is that the colors appear Microsoft-y to me.picture-1

There are other features IE 8 offers to users. You can check them out and the full description of the features listed here on the IE8 website. Most boring post ever…


One response to “IE8: World’s Best Browser

  1. Hi! You can get these features and many more through plug-ins and Firefox. I use Firefox and Google Chrome. IE8 is 100000000000x better than IE7, but that’s not saying much. Microsoft is just playing catch-up with this generation of browsers.

    And being an Apple fan, I’m surprised you aren’t all about Safari! Even an anti-Apple person like me still thinks Safari > IE.

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