70 Aspects Of Batman: 3


Like Mike Mignola, Kelley Jones’ work is bathed in gothic atmosphere. But while Mignola’s approach might be likened to the moodiness of a German expressionist film, Jones’ style is more akin stylistically to the movies produced by England’s Hammer Studios in the 50s and 60s in its garishly macabre presentation. Perhaps his best-known work to a wider audience is The Sandman volume Seasons Of Mist, which he illustrated for Neil Gaiman. Apart from that, in the comics community he’s most likely known for his various Batman works.


Jones’ first prominent work on Batman was with veteran writer Doug Monech on Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, an Elseworlds story that saw the Caped Crusader go up against the head vampire himself and survive the experience, albeit after being transformed into a bloodsucker himself. Red Rain was so successful that it spawned two sequels, and the Batman vampire world it takes place on was chosen to be one of the 52 worlds that came into existence after the events of the 52 miniseries in DC continuity (don’t ask, long story).




In 1992, Kelley Jones began cover art duties on both Batman and Detective Comics for the Knightfall story arc, which saw Batman’s back broken by a new villian named Bane and the introduction of a new Batman in the form of Jean Paul Valley, previously known as Azrael.


Upon Bruce Wayne reassuming the Bat-mantle in 1995, Jones became the regular interior artist on Batman, working from scripts by his Red Rain collaborator Doug Monech. Here you see an issue that features Swamp Thing, a creator co-created by one of Jones’ greatest artistic influences, Bernie Wrightson.




Most recently Kelley Jones has been working with 30 Days Of Night creator Steve Niles on the miniseries Batman: Gotham After Midnight, which presumably allows Jones more opportunities to draw scary shit.


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