National Game Registry 1982: Joust

original platform
key personnel

John Newcomer

Joust features detailed graphics and challenging action accompanied by unusual controls.  The game stars a warrior, on ostrich-back, tasked with massacring ostrich-mounted enemy warriors  Destroying all of the enemies on a screen advances the player to the next, with platform arrangements changing, sometimes exposing deadly lava pits.  If the player is too slow in killing, an especially dangerous dragon appears to encourage a higher work rate.  The ostrich runs very quickly and the flying mechanism is difficult to master, with each press of the button producing one flap of the wings.

Joust was inducted on April 22nd, 2009.

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2 responses to “National Game Registry 1982: Joust

  1. I remember playing this. I was always intrigued by this.

  2. I find that hard to believe. Weren’t you dead before this game released?

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