National Game Registry: K.C. Munchkin

United States Library of Congress

K.C. Munchkin
key personnel
Ed Averett

original platform
Odyssey2 (1981, Magnavox)

In spite of appearances, K.C. Munchkin is not part of the Pac-Man series but rather a very high quality clone featuring several changes.   Unlike Pac-Man, there are only a few pellets in each maze but they move about in small groups, occasionally leading K.C. into trouble.  K.C. has only a single life to work with, so players must be extremely cautious while dashing around the maze.

Pac-Man was inducted on April 11th, 2009.

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6 responses to “National Game Registry: K.C. Munchkin

  1. I really can’t use enough superlatives to describe the moment where he flat-palms the pick-up area of the guitar on that über-scronky Em11 chord (also known as “not fretting”), as if he’s just “proven” himself, or come out victorious over the guitar in the previous battle of the wits. And he just lets said “chord” extend over the rest of the musicians actually playing in KEY. Like he can’t tell it doesn’t quite fit, or somesuch. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this guy, but I’m a true believer. Starting today.

    By the way, when you were marveling at his public instrumentation without training of any kind, were you speaking of the guitar, or his singing…? He sounds equally skilled in THAT arena, I must say.

    This fuckhead is probably a millionaire by now, I take it…? Anyone…? Anyone…?

  2. He had the highest selling album in America last year. It was even critically acclaimed. :-(

    Anyway, I guess I’m accustomed to bad singers but I’m not used to anyone playing an instrument in that manner in public, except maybe little 13 year olds playing a party in their garage.

  3. *Glarfinct*

    America just keeps getting gayer and GAYER, arts-wise… Doesn’t it…?

    And, to all the over-P.C. readers this site invites, I meant “gay” as in, like, a “man having anal intercourse with another man” sort of way. So fret not!

  4. Have you heard about THIS?

    I don’t know whether to weep tears of the purest you-REEN, or laugh the hearty, phlegm-scented laugh of your textbook mongoloid upon holding their first electric toothbrush.

    One of the Bungle guys tipped me off about this, post-script. This is no joke (reality-wise, that is; figuratively, it very well could be one of the largest ever appropriated)…

  5. Yes, Greg informed me about this reunion. Hopefully, it’ll just be a nostalgia tour across Europe and that’s it.

  6. Well, word across the Bungle grapevine is that the members of “Faith No More”–no MARTIN?! WTFWJD?!?!–are more interested in “expanding the band catalogue” than “playing old favorites.” That sounds like $$$$$$$$$$ code to ME for “making a new record(s).”

    If you notice, they even put a sly lil’ disclaimer in their “coming out” address–which, by the way, what kind of unsigned band DOES that? What testicle-retreating EGO!–that, to paraphrase, “[they] have no label attachments at this time to hinder [them].” That ALSO sounds like $$$$$$$$$$(a$$hole) code for “Ipecac is too far extended with other groups’ contractual needs for a FNM tour of god-like proportions (which we obviously DESERVE). Somebody PLEASE notice this telling self-allusion, and SIGN US!”

    This is so fucking stupid I can’t whack off in a straight line.

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