National Game Registry: Ladybug

United States Library of Congress

original platform
arcade (1981, Universal)
notable conversions
ColecoVision (1982, Coleco)

Ladybug is clearly derivative of Pac-Man, yet it introduces enough concepts to warrant playing time.  Like Pac-Man before her, Ladybug navigates through a maze eating X’s, a wild departure from Pac-Man‘s dots.  Ladybug’s enemies, a group of evil insects, do not pursue her immediately.  Instead, a timer surrounding the maze slowly ticks down, warning Ladybug that her enemies will soon be turned loose.  There are no power pellets or weapons but there are horrifying skeletons distributed throughout the maze.  Ladybug must trick her enemies into consuming the skeletons, the only way the villains can be defeated.  Ladybug‘s best twist comes courtesy of gates, which can be used to change the maze and close off certain sections.  This strategy aids Ladybug in avoiding her enemies, allowing her to concentrate on eating her beloved X’s.


Ladybug was inducted on April 16th, 2009.

Return to the National Game Registry to view more inductees.

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